The Origin of the Sucker

How may licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop you ask? Who knows. This statement is a usless advertising campaign because it will take different amount of licks per person. Some people have huge tounges, some people have midge tounges, some people have extra saliva which helps to dissinegrate candy coated chocolate better, and some people (like your boyfriend for instance) have dry mouths which will almost double the amount of licks needed.

Then we have the small fact that each sucker has 60 grams of calories and 10 grams of sugar. Is it really worth having your tongue cramp up just to become fat? Some people may not realize that just because you are exercising your tongue, it will not work off the fat gained by eating this sucker. Also, everybody knows of the big hunk of tootsie roll in the middle, which will, along with the candy coated outside, rot your teeth out.

Tootsie Pops are not the only unhelthy sucker out there, there are also those called Blow Pops. What kind of person names a food that you put in your mouth in and out a ‘Blow’ pop? This name will lead to sexual promiscuity. This is not good for the simple fact that it reaches out to young children. That is why there are so many teenage pregnancies. A girl walks into a gas station and purchases a sucker. She walks outside sees a man twice her age, puts the sucker in her mouth and withdraws it. In and out, in and out, the man sees her and takes her home where he recieves sexual pleasures and in return knocks this girl up because he did not withdraw his sucker. Besides that, the gum inside becomes stale within about a minute of chewing it. It becomes just a headache, but people just tend to purchase them to shut their kid up. What they do not understand is that by purchasing this cheap snack for their child, they are setting themselves up for a large dentistry bill.

Suckers are not a healty or fun choice of a snack. Their is absolutely no sense in people these days to eat or lick, or even ‘blow’ suckers. Suckers should be banned throughout the world and dentist will become the poor losers they really are inside.