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Railway Signalling Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Railway Signalling is safety critical domain, where still traditional technology is in use. There are many reasons for using traditional technology; one of the main reasons being the proven Safety performance of the older systems (Relay Based). As the rail traffic is increasing and with higher speed of trains there is an acute need for modernization of Railway Signalling Technology. Even with the advent of Microprocessor based technology, the problems have not been solved.

This article proposes the use of Wireless sensor networks in Railway Signaling domain which combines the Ground base signalling and the On–Board

Signalling, which is suitable for high Speed Railway Traffic. The article gives brief idea of the architectures of a Sensor Node, Driver node, Gateway Node and Base Station. It discusses the network Architectures and the Routing algorithms to be used in the sensor networks. It also discusses the design of Control laws (Interlocking Logic) for safe movement of trains and also the failsafe techniques to be used in the design of such Technology. It also describes the challenges in using the Concept of Wireless Sensor Networks in Railway Signalling Domain.