Building a Peanut Butter and Jelly

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches may be one of the most popular sandwiches that comes to mind once the question is asked, “ What was your favorite sandwich growing up as a child” Many may not know that the origin of this PB&J sandwich has yet to be determined. However, what is known is that in World War II soldiers where given Peanut butter and jelly in their food rations. Many say that the soldiers combined the peanut butter to the jelly because that made it easier to eat. This sandwich is now eaten by many, young and old. There are six easy steps to create and enjoy this sandwich.

First, you will need to find the right bread. White bread is traditional but it isn’t sturdy and the jelly soaks through. In addition, white bread is extremely processed and lacks vitamins – why not make this delicious and healthy? Multigrain adds its own flavor that complements the sweetness of the jelly and peanut butter. Whole wheat is healthiest option. Make sure the bread is 100% whole wheat flour, not 100% enriched whole wheat flour.
Next, choose your peanut butter. You’ll need to decide between chunky or smooth. Chunky can often be harder to spread, as it can tear the bread. But it does add a nice crunch. Then, choose your jelly. Common options include grape jelly, strawberry jelly or raspberry jelly. The adventurous might chose apple jelly. Meanwhile, get a good amount of peanut butter on a knife or spoon (this amount varies with your personal preference) and spread it out evenly onto one of the slices of bread. Wipe any residual peanut butter from the knife onto the second piece of bread. Next soon after, Scoop some jelly onto the other slice of bread. Again, the amount is up to you, but when in doubt, use less rather than more. Jelly tends to squeeze out the edges and drip if you use too much. Make sure to spread the jelly evenly. Immediately after, gently press the two slices of bread together. Always put the peanut butter side on top of the jelly side because the jelly will fall off.

Finally, cut your sandwich. This could be in half crosswise into two congruent triangular slices, in half across the shorter width into two rectangles, into fourths either of these directions, or into as many pieces as you wish. One more thing- since peanut butter is sticky; you’ll need a tall glass of milk or a glass of water to help wash your sandwich down.