Pre packaged salads: What explains their popularity?

There are a number of different factors that can explain why prepackaged vegetable salads are so popular. Internal factors that may drive the sales of pre packaged vegetables are motives such as how consumers view them selves, their ideal self images,

and their learnt lifestyles. People who wish to eat healthier foods may opt for these healthy quick alternatives as opposed to purchasing meals at traditional fast food restaurants. These salads could also be attractive to individuals who wish to follow their ideal, healthy self image. They make the purchase because prepackaged salads are aligned with a healthy, active lifestyle and with slim physiques.

Many people not having any time simply enjoy the convenience of prepackaged vegetables. External factors pushing sales could be family and reference groups. Many families have two working parents that at the end of day don’t have the time to shop, chop, and prepare a meal, especially meals that are nutritionally balanced. There are also a high number of younger consumers who have extremely demanding work or school schedules. These individuals may not even have regular access to a kitchen to prepare meals. Also, because there is only a single consumer, there is a significantly larger amount of vegetables that will be left over after salad preparation. For example, it is highly unlikely that a single person would want to buy lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, breadcrumbs, etc, prepare a salad and be able to finish all of the ingredients in a few meals.

By having leftovers, subsequent salads will also be less and less fresh versus the prepackaged salads that are available for purchase. Pre cut veggies and salads save time and effort that many households and individuals don’t have. Additionally, due to the family having two incomes, the higher price of the prepackaged vegetables would not play a large factor. The additional convenience, coupled with the easy access to a healthy, fresh option, is more important. In relation to families, friends of parents might be using these products, suggesting and telling them that they are greats products and that they use them. Also, society currently epitomizes a lifestyle and body image that is active, healthy and fit; a combination which is hard to attain, especially with the demands of daily life. This again plays a role in explaining the societal influence on the success of these prepackaged vegetables.