Firewood Oven to the Microwave Oven

The firewood oven has features that can’t be spoken in technical words, once there’s an entire original contest of its existence. The idea of fire refers to the ancient idea of a meeting, protection, feeding or heat. The firewod oven helps us to symbolize the houses’ interior with an image of a family meeting, preparing food and keeping thmeselves warm. Besides, ot´s a very economic device.That´s how the tecnologic evolution of a household instrument, which is quite necessary nowadays, starts.

That’s the second step in this device evolution. It was created by Zachaus Winsler in 1802. Could you imagine our modern life without it? In the old

times, preparing meals demanded much more dedication, it used to take more time and so on. Everything had to be made in the firewood oven. Besides, people had to create, there weren’t recipe mags or TV shows, or internet.
The gas is oven is very practical, yet very risky. Domestic gas is poisonous, it can kill anyone. If you smell gas when you get home, don’t turn on the lights. The enrgy of the lamp can start an explosion, and it could smite the whole neighborhood.


Although not may people know it, or use it, the electric oven is part of the evolution of food preparation. It’s a french invention, created in 1892 by Moisson. In Brazil, it´s not very common, despite of being an economic option.
In other countries, though, it is as utilized as the TV set.
It’s a portable and weightless device, and less dangerous than the gas oven. Beware of water, though. We all know that waer and lctruicity causes eletruction.


That’s the latest invention for our food prepare!
Microwaves were discovered by Percy Spencer, who worked in an eletrons creations company. Once he was working and observed that the chocolate bar he had in his pocket had melted. Percy was no strange to new ideas and inventions, and it was not hard for him to understand the action of the microwaves in that candy. The first thing to be intentionally prepared in microwaves was popcorn, and then an egg, that exploded in a tester’s face. In 1946, the company Percy worked at, Raytheon, patented the microwave cooking proccess and in 1947 they built the first commercial microwave oven, the Radarange. It was one meter-eighty high and weighted three hundred kilos. It was water-freshened and produced three thousand watts, about three times more radiation than the modern ones.