Bump in the Road – Scholarship Essay

Answer the following question: If there has been some obstacle or bump in the road in your academic or personal life please explain the circumstances.
Change is not easy. What is easy is to sail through an uneventful life as a student in a third world country,

sheltered by loving parents and family. A few months after I started college in Lima Peru, I realized that my expectations of what college should be were not met. The challenge and incentive I needed were missing. I would not settle for mediocrity. With my heart in my hand, I made a decision: it was time for a change. This change has been and still is the biggest obstacle I ever tried to overcome. My idea of attending college in the United States was supported by my parents, but they believed I was not ready for that experience yet.

After visiting Miami during my summer break and doing much research, I decided that I was ready to face my parents once again. This time, I approached them with a plan. I explained to them where I was going to live, how I was going to support myself and most importantly, how I was going to get into college. My plan was simple: to minimize my expenses by applying to college as a Florida resident. Luckily, I am an American citizen, so I have been able to work and support myself in the state of Florida.

A year has passed and I have accomplished all my goals except for getting into college. I have studied hard; I have taken the TOEFL, the SATs and presented my applications. Now, all there is to do is wait and hope for a brighter future as my dreams of studying in the U.S come true.