General Electric Academic Scholarship Essay

General Electric Academic Scholarship Essay
I took my secondary education at Teleki Blanka Academic Grammar School in Székesfehérvár in a class specialized in Math. During my secondary education I was found to be talented in science subjects, I showed a great interest especially in Math and Computer Programming. I also did

successful in several competitions (Nemes Tihamér National Computer Technology Competition, Arany Dániel Mathematic Competition), but I took part in many competitions in other science subjects like Physics and Chemistry. I always tried to fulfill the requirements conscientiously, and fortunately neither the art subjects were demanding for me, so I could easily pass the school leaving exam with an average of 5.0. During my high school studies I spent a lot of time on learning languages: English and German. Nowadays it’s absolute necessary to speak some foreign languages in all parts of life.

After graduating from high school, I continued my studies at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, I was majoring in Technical Informatics. In the first year I put emphasis on learning, and it seemed that I could cope with the difficulties of my university studies well. I could always pass all my exams for the first time with good grades. The average of all my grades in the first four semesters is 4.9.

In the second year the Department of Telecommunication offered me an opportunity to work as a demonstrator. In the first semester I taught subject “Computer Programming Laboratory 1”, which consists of programming in Pascal language. In the second semester I also conducted “Computer Programming Laboratory 2” course, which consists of programming in C Language. Both my students and the department were satisfied with my work. I find it very interesting to take part in a department’s work. Earlier I only had a view on education from the students’ side, but now teaching gives me the opportunity to find out how it feels to share my knowledge with someone. I carry on with my work as a demonstrator this year, too.
Due to my outstanding studies and activities I gained Scholarship of the Hungarian Republic in September 2003, which is one of the highest state awards for students in Hungary. This is a great honor for me.

From July 2003 I’ve been working by Axis Consulting LTD as a part time developer. This job was really interesting for me, because I could make use of my knowledge, and I could experience how it goes working in a team. The project I took part in is now completed, so I can completely focus on learning.

Usually I would like to take part in as many activities as I can, both curricular and extracurricular ones, but I try not to overload myself, because I think the quality of my work is more important than the amount of it. At the same time I always take care not to miss the deadlines, and to do a perfect work.

Future plans
I choose specialization at the end of the sixth semester. There are two main specializations that interest me, these are Networks, and Multimedia. The Networks specialization handles with telecommunication, local-and global networks, while the Multimedia specialization puts emphasis on the everyday use of computers. I think both ways of computer technology is going to develop dynamically this decade.
As a preparing to my diploma work, in the next semesters I would like to find researches to take part in, and write draft plans or smaller publications. I expect that several opportunities will be accessible after my specialization, because I will have a much wider view on the departments’ researches, and today’s important technological problems.

I‘m going to develop my language knowledge. I would like to complete my advanced examination in English, and take an intermediate professional exam. I would like to be able to speak German fluently, and complete my intermediate exam. A year spent abroad, would really help me in improving languages. If I got the opportunity to spend a semester at a university in Britain, I could make contacts abroad, so I could have a wider view on today’s technical problems and solutions. According to the experience of ERASMUS, a semester abroad costs about 1000$ for the students. With the support of the G.E. Foundation I would be able to cover the expenses of spending a semester abroad.

After graduating I would like to continue my studies on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics as a PhD. student. I think this is the best way to become professional in this branch of science, and to take part in serious researches.

After graduating I also would like to take my second degree on Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration on the Faculty of Economics. I can take part only in non-subsidized education, because this would be my second university degree. The costs of a semester take up about 175.000 HUF (800$), which means 1600$ a year. The Scholarship of the G.E. would give me the opportunity to take part in the PhD. education on BUTE and do my studies on BUESPA at the same time without having a full-time or an intensive part-time job, so that I could focus on learning.

These qualifications would give me the opportunity to have a wide view both on the world of business and the world of computer technology. After I learnt enough experience, I would like to hold a leadership position, because I think this would be the best way to realize my conceptions in the main fields of my interest.

Besides financial support I expect other opportunities from this scholarship. As it’s written in the scholarship program – and according to last year’s winners – the scholarship student have the opportunity to participate in activities like conferences and annual seminars, where they can meet people and build contacts, that they could never or just hardly achieve any other way. The mentorship opportunity with GE Hungary can be very useful especially after studies, because it seems not to be easy to find one’s way in today’s world of business and jobs.

After all, I think that gaining the scholarship is a great honor itself, and it could be a great help for me to carry out my ideas, if I use my opportunities effectivly.