Example NSM Scholarship Essay
I always enjoyed Biology. From the first time I took the introduction course in high school, I was entranced by it. In fact, when I took the AP Biology course in my senior year in high school, I had to agree when my teacher gave the reasons why Phosphofructokinase is

favorite enzyme. I mean, how can it not be? I chose to attend the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Houston because I know it’s a great program, and it’s only getting better as time goes by. I believe that doing well here will help me in my next major goal, med school. I’m hoping to do something in either cardiac surgery or anesthesiology. Why med school? I can safely say that my family is one of high achievers, and I aim to keep that tradition. In my parents’ generation, there are 3 doctors, and I hope to be the first in mine. There is also something that appeals to me in the act of helping people. I happen to be relatively good at fixing computers, and there is some joy in that, but in the end, it’s not enough. As a biology major at UH, I believe I can propel myself towards these goals.