Competition At Comsat University Islamabad

The students of 6th and final semester got a notice by Department of Computer Science UoB on notice board. A competition which was about, poster, project, one the spot programming that were holding on 11th October at COMSAT wah cant Islamabad. Every one feel like was going to participate there in a jiffy, but there were certain conditions from our department, which were necessary to full filling them. Department announced a test for selection. Test was very necessary for those cognition students because it was also introspection and without test it was difficult to rely on every one.

So once for all ten students selected to go Islamabad at COMSAT for participation. In 8th October we became assured by Chairman, the students should be prepared to go Islamabad through the funding of University of Baluchistan. According to the instructions of Chairman on 9th October all students should be reached at Sada Bhar terminal to go Islamabad by bus which they hade all followed. The root was very long it was distance Quetta to Islamabad, approximately after 36 hours we reached over there. It was 3 am and 11th October and right 9am we had to go for participation at COMSAT University. Due to long journey every one tired and out of sorts as well to hade a bee in bonnet. Instead of to make cow and bull story all students prepared with root and branch to compete them. They broke one’s neck and obeyed the apple pie order of Chairman. It would say equal to call a spade a spade no one got top three position, some students got: 4th,5th,and 6th position.

It was severe condition due to result for all and because of the courage of our good breading chairman all of became hopeful again. All students had been scrutinized if they broke one’s neck a little bit more they can do that task. Our teacher Danish was with us for guidance. He was aggrandizing our energy and teaching us the way of surging and remove the deprivation, every time he was inaugurating us for our care. After competition we students went to Allama Iqbal Open University at guest house with inaugurating our chairman and teacher to stay four days over there. This trip was also included with study to call upon. To go hand in hand we visited so many weird places and all students’ hade optimism together. Every keen student interested to get latest update and wants to enjoy the climate of education.
It was good exposure for students to revive their diminish knowledge and collect something new, it was also enlightenment and got experience. At the very first day after competition we visited the Allama Iqbal Open University especially a computer science department and meet with Director, of IT sector who were completely briefed us their system which they have implemented and it was 12th October. Next day we went to COMSAT University again to visit their IT sector and computer science department, it was very quick visit after that we went to Qauid-e-Azam University to meet especially with Masoom yasin zai, who is vice chancellor of that University. It was nice meeting with VC, completely briefed and gave us their university updates and also he gave connivance for fresh mint. Computer science faculty portioned in two departments: CS and IT both were separate each other after that in a Computer centre we met with Director Bukhari, which was very co-operative person because of his oily tongue.

It was competition at COMSAT wah cant Islamabad. The student of UoB had been participated there under the supervision of our Chairman Mr.Khalid Badini. This trip was included with study tour, we spent 10 days over there, by the kindness of our chairman we visited weird and glamour places and met with personalities’.

My views
At the very beginning I am thankful to my Chairman Mr.Khalid Hussain Badni, because this event we got by the efforts of him. It is excessive difficult for UoB students to get these kind of events. I am appreciating the erudition of our Chairman, who is cautious for our carrier. By the striving of Mr.Badini, we confronted the mega IT event and he amalgamated us with national level students which was very pleasure for us. Repercussion of this event we aggrandized our knowledge which is aesthetic with our future. In last I am very thankful to my teacher Sir Danish who accompanied us, when we felt bore he was supporting us and trying to make a fresh mint therefore we did not feel bore any time during the trip period.