How to Keep Your Students Thinking

The popularity of Globalization of Education in the Philippines advances various ways to align our existing educational system with the world. It will eventually open a channel that will benefit our education in a positive way, sooner than we think it is possible that in the future we will begin to gauge our curriculum according to world standard. There is no way but to go forward to the Globalization – If we want to survive in a very competitive world.

The Enhancement of curriculum in Nursing when CHED discontinue its plan to adopt another year in nursing through CHED memorandum no. 5 signifies that our government are taking steps to upgrade our educational system. Revisions done in the nursing curriculum were measures to align our nursing graduates to that of other developed countries.

How are we going to prepare our students for the globalization and advancement in our educational system? Teachers play a vital role in training their students as globally competitive. Teachers must be adept in inventing various methodologies on how to make their students develop critical thinking. It will prepare the students to embrace changes in their curriculum in a positive way because they are armored with such knowledge.

While we are preparing to compete our students globally we must bear in mind that we cannot do it if educators are not globally competitive as well. Educators are the facilitator of learning in the school , as a first step , educators must be adept and aligned with the goal. Methodologies must be modified to suit the calling of the world standard.

One effective way to enhance learning inside the classroom is to encourage critical thinking among students during classroom discussions. The classic format of lecturing wherein the teacher is the primary source of knowledge is not an effective way if we are to develop critical thinking. During lengthy lectures, students are most of the time just listen to the teacher and write whatever they hear even though it is not fully understood.

Learning through listening is limited because only your sense of hearing was used and retention of learning according to studies is very limited too in comparison to other forms of learning that involves critical thinking.

Critical thinking is enhanced when teachers involved their students in classroom discussions. There are guidelines to follow to initiate this. As a teacher begin with yourself first , begin the course or the lecture with a question or questions that help you to understand what students are thinking: in this way you can bridge the gap between your idea and theirs and you will determine where to begin to facilitate the discussion meaningful for both parties.