Distance Learning Survival Guide

Using Axia’s Education Resources

A distance learning environment is obviously different than what we are used to growing up. However it is not much different than what we settle for when doing research or looking up useless information. Although most of us a very familiar with using the internet it is imperative we completely understand the system and options available by Axia College University of Phoenix. Like every college or university there will be research required as well as common skills associate with using a computer such as, Microsoft PowerPoint and using search engines. Getting familiar with the student platform is a must. The four main things that I find to be important are: knowing how to use the classroom platform, knowing how to utilize the library correctly to be most effective, using the Center for Writing or Center for Mathematics, and other great tools such as the Plagiarism Checker.

Being familiar on how to get into and around the class is vital. Not posting an assignment in the correct location can dictate the grade for that student. If posted in the wrong forum one day a student can loose points for handing in late, which can effect the score when the class comes to an end. Using the library is also very important, students should realize that the library is not just a search engine such a Google or Ask.com, the way a person searches for a specific article can determine the outcome. Moreover, there are certain options which not allow certain writing works to come up. For example, if a student checks the option to only see Scholarly (Pre viewed) Journals. Other educational resources provided by Axia College is the tutorials which can teach a lot, with either little or no experience at all the tutorials help master a certain computer skill.

Upholding Academic Honesty

In my opinion this is one of the most important things that Axia College students are required to have. With the opportunity to learn in a distance learning environment we as students must understand that we will learn as long as we put forth the effort. As we all know plagiarism is a real crime. In a distance learning environment students might be tempted use the easy way out instead of actually doing the work. However, the best way to learn is to do the work. I find it to be very rewarding, when as a writer, completing a writing assignment.

Setting and Achieving Goals

For some including myself just by starting college is already achieving a goal. Whether the goal is short term or long term it is important we all have goals. In the society and competitiveness we live in today it would be insane to not have any goals. Throughout my first nine weeks with Axia College, I have been able to complete some short term goals, as well as work on a long term goal, and a bit of a life long goal that I have. Setting realistic goals are also very important, an person must grasp the idea that goals are achievable but must be realistic. Setting goals and achieving them is what thrives our nation and fellow citizens. I found it that the satisfaction of achieving a hard worked goal is the greatest feeling in the world.

Managing Time Wisely

To me managing time wisely is significantly important to our day-to-day lives. We Axia students chose a distance learning environment because of the advantages of being able to take care of our busy schedules while attending school. It gives the opportunity to juggle work and family as well as getting an education. Time can be broken down from years to months to weeks to days to hours and even minutes. I have planned that I will complete a certain amount of classes in the next two years. With each set of classes I will break down the nine weeks and worry about one week at a time. During each week I understand that an assignment is due for two classes. Managing my time daily at work can make it easier to put more time my school work. While doing my school work managing time between the two classes and the different assignments will make it easier for me to juggle my life and other important things that still need to happen on my daily schedule.

Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention

While taking this class I have been to develop good reading skills and improve others. Even though that this is my first set of college classes I was not surprised by how much reading was required. With reading comes knowledge and understanding, as a student, I feel glad and fortunate to have the reading skills I have and to be able to learn more. It is important that a student becomes conscious of the good things that are an effect of reading. In addition to learning from the material being read, reading can also help a person with memory. The more that is read, the more material and data a person can remember the more knowledge the individual will.

Applying Personality and Learning Styles

As we all know, everybody is different in several ways. Everybody learns, teaches, and remembers things in different ways. It is advantage to attend a distance learning because study habits and settings can be set by the student. A student who learns better with a lot of outside noise can set the way he or she wishes to do spend the study time. While attending Axia College, I found it easier to do my work while having a television set or radio on. Reason being, it made me concentrate more on the reading. If I try to read in silence I find myself wandering and loosing my place in the text.