Why Tsarism Fell – World Civilizations Essay

Why Tsarism Fell – World Civilizations Essay

Nicholas didn’t want to be a Tsar in the first place and so he didn’t really care what happened to his country when he was still in power. He left it up to his government officials to run the country. He was basically being used as a puppet by his officials so really, they were running Russia during Nicholas’s entire reign. Nicholas basically had nothing to do with a lot of things that happened while he was in power. Most of the time it was Nicholas’s officials and advisors who did all the bad things to the people of Russia, such as Bloody Sunday. And also Nicholas’s wife had influence on him and his country as well.

Bloody Sunday, was probably the event that led to later revolutionary acts in Russia. Bloody Sunday happened on January 09th, 1905 in St. Petersburg. Bloody Sunday was originally supposed to be a peaceful request from the people of Russia to their Tsar so they could have better working conditions but that all turned bad when one of the royal guards opened fire on the people. Little did the workers know, Nicholas wasn’t even where the protesters were heading. Nicholas at the time was back at home with his wife tending to his sick child Alexis who was the only male heir to the Russian thrown.

Nicholas’s wife was also a big influence on how the country was run. She was actually at one point during Nicholas’s reign, controlling Russia on her own, but was under the influence of Rasputin, so really, Rasputin was controlling the country because he had control of Nicholas’s wife. The other influence Alexandra, Nicholas’s wife, had on Nicholas and the country was, she was German born so during world war 1, when she was basically in control, the people of Russia didn’t trust in her loyalty to Russia, causing the revolts in Russian streets to escalate to higher levels.

Also, another reason that Tsarism failed is that the country was too large to be run by one person who was never bound to be a very good leader to begin with. The country was becoming of overwhelming size and one person could possibly not be able to be responsible for that much land.

In conclusion, there really were many reasons that Tsarism failed. One of the biggest parts is Nicholas, so he should be held responsible. He was the one who was supposed to be in power, but he abused the privilege of running a country and, especially a country of that size, so he should indefinitely without a doubt be held responsible for the fall of this age long traditional kind of government.