2024 US Presidential Election: A Ninth Grade Perspective

Who Are the 2024 Presidential Election Candidates? - The New York Times
Source: NYTimes


With the 2024 US Presidential Election just around the corner, it’s crucial for us to pay attention to who’s running for president. I’m in ninth grade, and I believe that picking the right president is super important for our country’s future. In this paper, I’m going to share my thoughts on what makes a good candidate and some concerns about the people running this year.

Analyzing Presidential Candidates’ Knowledge and History in 2024

First things first, we need to think about what the presidential candidates know and their background. In the recent debates, I noticed some candidates weren’t too clear about big issues like international relationships. This is important because the president needs to understand these issues to make the best decisions for our country.

Judging Honesty and Integrity in Presidential Candidates

Another big point is whether the candidates are honest and trustworthy. There have been news reports about some candidates who might not have been totally honest about their actions or where they get their campaign funds. Being honest is super important because the president should be someone we can all trust.

The Divide in Politics and Its Effect on the Election

Politics today is really divided. It feels like everyone is either on one side or the other, and it’s hard to find a middle ground. This division comes partly from how our political system works, favoring extreme views more than balanced ones. Also, the media sometimes focuses on arguments and conflicts more than on who would be the best president.

Young People’s Role in Politics

Despite the issues in politics, it’s awesome to see more young people getting interested and involved. We’re talking about these things a lot, especially on social media, which might help bring some good changes. Young people like me want a president who’s really good for our country, and we’re ready to speak up and share our views.

How to Find Better Presidential Candidates

So, how can we find better candidates for president? Political parties should be really careful about who they let run for president, making sure they’re knowledgeable and honest. Changing how elections work, like letting people rank the candidates, might help get more reasonable and capable people as options. Also, learning more about how elections and politics work in school can help us all make smarter choices when we vote.


As the 2024 US Presidential Election gets closer, it’s super important for everyone, including young people, to think carefully about who deserves to be president. We need a leader who really understands the issues and always does the right thing. This election is a chance for us to make a positive change in our country, especially with young people getting more involved. Let’s hope we choose a president who will make us all proud.