America and WW2 – College Essay

America’s involvement in World War Two was a turning point in the nation’s history. The country had always been hesitant to engage in foreign conflicts, but the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the threat of global fascism changed that. President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan and, soon after, on Germany and Italy as well.

The United States played a crucial role in the Allied victory, providing much-needed resources and troops to the effort. The country’s industrial might and vast resources allowed it to become the “arsenal of democracy,” supplying the Allies with the weapons and equipment they needed to defeat the Axis powers.

At home, the war brought about significant social and economic changes. The country mobilized for war, with women entering the workforce in record numbers and the government implementing rationing and price controls. These measures helped to ensure that the country’s resources were being used efficiently and effectively to support the war effort.

But the war also had a dark side. The internment of Japanese-Americans, the segregation of African-Americans in the military, and the use of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki all raised ethical questions about America’s actions during the conflict.

Despite these controversies, the United States emerged from World War Two as a global superpower. The country’s victory over the Axis powers solidified its position as a leader on the world stage and set the stage for the Cold War and the global politics of the 20th century.

In conclusion, America’s involvement in World War Two was a defining moment in the nation’s history. It played a crucial role in the Allied victory and solidified its place as a global superpower, but it also raised ethical questions about the country’s actions during the conflict.