Forrest Gump and Three Flowers – Creative Writing Essay

Forrest Gump and Three Flowers – Creative Writing Essay
You know what? I just finished watching Forrest Gump. That is my… to be honest, I forget, the times that I watched this movie, I only know that I’ve watched it many times, at least six. Each time when I watch it, I

would have different feelings, but one thing I have never changed before and it also won’t be changed in future—courage, no matter how many times I watch it. Usually the audiences would think that Gump is not a smart person, actually someone even consider that he is an idiot. Because he doesn’t know the consequence of each event, but he uses all his heart and soul when he faces the challenge. That’s courage. I think Forrest Gump might touch me. Picking the pen is such a hard behavior to me. The moment you decide write something on the white paper, that means you might need to face the real yourself, you might try to cover something ugly, but not reveal everything honestly. I don’t know what I want to say just like Forrest Gump doesn’t know what he wants to do in his life. However, I love the feeling that the pen guides my mind, the pen nib would lead me to somewhere. The pen nib’s liquidity likes the skater’s slides on the ice, so free. I believe this pen; this lucky pen would bring me to a fortunate place, even though I don’t know where it is as well. Yes. I think I don’t know where I am now, but my mind like a flipping backward calendar, invoke my three good roommates.

June, it is a graduation month; thousands of students leave their schools at this time. School? What is it? It’s a place where only learn the textbook knowledge? No, definitely not, but I used to think about it. Since I have memory, when I met my elder relatives, they always asked my marks in school and the rank in my grade. If I spoke out a number can make them satisfied, then they would also be excited like they got it from school and treat you so well, like you were their own daughter, usually the number should be as small as possible. If I could not say a good number, they would consider that you had begun to lose the entering university chance. The family pressure caused some of my relatives graduated from world—famous universities like Harvard, Cambridge and Chicago University in my family. Being with them, the only thing I needed to do, and I might do well is study, study again and again. I tried not to let them disappointed with me, so my marks kept in a high level in my class. My parents might be the admiring people when my school had parents meeting. My life was so common. Got up, go to school, go home, do my homework and then go to bed. Everyday, I redo the same actions, but I didn’t tired of it, because study was my life’s center. When I graduated from primary school, Dad made a big decision to me: send me to a private school. God! Why he must send me to there? Don’t I study in public school bad? As I heard it I felt so shock like seeing snow in summer. However he thought I could get a better education from there. So I left my dear friends who have studied together for six years. I left a familiar surrounding and changed into a completely unknown school.

September is still a humid hot month to my hometown, the acrimony sun glared on your body, like lash whipped on your skin, the cicada’s yelling from the tree, which made reluctantly going to school. The classroom didn’t familiar any more, the new face made me urged wanting to go home and escaped from this closing teaching environment. I felt that I was abandoned in a drain well by my parents. Nobody could hear my help.
The night before I came to school, I asked my parents.
“Daddy, Mummy, if I go to school tomorrow, you probably see me once a week.”
“Yes, but we will miss you so much.” Dad said.
“Daddy, I am scared. If the new school’s teachers and students don’t like me, or my mark is too low, what can I do?”
“My sweetheart, don’t avoid growing up. This is a perfect chance to expand your eyesight. You can meet many peers from different places and you can learn many things from your teachers and friends. It’s impossible to spend all your life with your primary classmates.” Daddy comforted me.
“If I can’t adopt the new school, can I quit studying there?”
The moment I burst out this sentence, I knew that I had spoken a wrong sentence. Because Daddy scowled and shouted,
“I don’t care whether you like there or not, you must study there well. I spend so much money on you, how can you make me disappointed? You’re so disobeying and rebellious.”
Under this helpless situation, I had no choice, but went to my new school. Thousands of questions still around my mind: could I keep studying well at there? Are there many outstanding students? ……