Bass Pro Shops – Marketing Strategy Research Outline (300 Level Course)

Bass Pro Shops – Marketing Strategy Research Outline (300 Level Course)

• Problem Statement
o Bass Pro Shops are category killers and have a handful of competitors and a large target market they are not meeting.

• Key drivers of change in the industry
o The technological advances in the fishing, boating, and hunting equipment used by Bass Pro Shops drive changes in the industry.
o The male dominated target
audience who does not like to shop also influences the aesthetics, emotional appeal and first impressions of a store.

• Competition Strength Assessment
o Bass Pro Shops are a category killer.
o Reputation of putting all competition out of business by high applications from competitor’s employees.
o Archery USA and Back Country Outfitters sell highly specialized items that Bass does not.
o Many smaller stores survive because people don’t want the hassle of going into the Bass store.
o REI challenges bass with its in-store hands on equipment testing.
o Cabela’s a family-owned catalog company provides direct competition to Bass Pro Shop because of the size of their catalog sales.
o L.L. Bean offers excellent customer service and high end goods that beat the Bass Pro Shop lines.

• Key Factors for Competitive Success in the Industry
o To be successful in this industry Bass Pro Shop must constantly be at the forefront of new line items and product innovations.
o Price points for all lines are very important also. The ability to cater to all levels of outdoors man is essential.
o The ability to keep the Bass Pro Shop for the man who does not like to shop. The stores must be easily navigable, have sales people that are well informed, and product testing and demonstrations for the avid outdoors man.

• Recommended Strategy and Justification
o After reading the case study, it is recommended that Bass Pro Shop slow down on their expansions and concentrate on improving the store navigation problems.
o If the shopper knows the store has everything they need if it is not easy to locate, and quick check outs with nice and knowledgeable sales people the shopper will not shop there.
o Bass Pro Shop also needs to work on their internet site for the non-shopper. The internet site, mail order catalogs, and stores inventory should all be linked so the user can locate their items by number or name.

o Strengths
? Stable sales force
? Well educated sales force
? Comprehensive product lines
? Technical expertise with different product lines
? Wide variety with many price points on different lines
? Good marketing leverage with outdoors man
? Privately owned company that has abundant financial resources
? Well known brand name for outdoor fishing, hunting and boating supplies
? Respected company with a strong brand name
? Committed Employees
? Alliances with other firms to carry their products
o Weaknesses
? Old fashioned management that does not follow technology
? Inflexible store ideas that do not stay with market trends
? No innovation in store set ups or displays
? Deals only with large accounts and misses the more specialized producers of hunting, fishing and boating equipment for the avid outdoorsman.
? Limited in-depth product usage and experience.
? Vulnerable to technological changes.
? Rapid growth loses the strategic direction
? Limited distribution of products
? Higher costs than competitors
o Opportunities
? Rapid Market Growth in large outdoor areas
? Rival firms are complacent and not attacking.
? Opening of foreign markets.
? Demographic shifts in who is hunting, fishing, and boating.
? New technology for the outdoors man.
? Sales decline for competitors and substitute products.
o Threats
? Entry of foreign competitors in new markets.
? Introduction of substitute stores
? In the decline stage of the product life cycle.
? Changes in federal policy on the environment, hunting, fishing and boating.
? Demographic shifts in the customers.
? Poor performance by all firms in sales, promotions and distributions.
? International political turmoil in new markets.