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Death and How You Can Heal It

This note is for you, just for you, as i missed being with you every single day, seeing you grow with me. The way you used to smile at me every morning waving your wide spread arms. What haven’t we shared?

Where have you gone? When i saw your face, i knew i was doing okay. The life that was to recede was brought back by you. Now you’re gone. The day is not far. I’ll be gone in no time too!

Where have those days when you shrouded me when the storm blew everything up gone?
Where have those days when you gave me all the warmth when i was stamped by all gone?
Where have those days when you gave me a wide spread smile every morning gone?
Where have those days when you gave me shelter during times of floods gone?
Where have those days when we enjoyed the bliss of dancing in rain together gone?

I am here, a thousand miles away from you. Broken heart. Those dark secrets that we shared, those conversations that only us and none were able to understand has gone by the wind.

You can’t make this any good, for you’re taken; you’re plundered from the very root. Those trucks, bulldozers and the people just din leave you here. It’s so hard. I tried so fiercely, but nothing went well. I stood back holding my tears, seeing those imprint of your roots. Seeing you go so far and then you vanished in no time.

I stood here for years unaccompanied, none to shroud, warm, or dance with me. Today i am 100 years old i believe, waiting to get my parts chopped to make oils, papers and cup boards.
I am happy today for i am going to be no longer alone. It’s time for me. I am happy today as i think about this. Those tears with which i stood still when they took you away, the warmth that i missed for years, the rain dance that never made me happy after you were gone, have all withered like dead petals now. And as i am chopped now, i again reiterate, i am gone too with the wind in no time!

This won’t change. They want us badly. I am taken in the truck. I go with them seeing the imprints of my roots. How much those deep roots have seen. Tears.Smile.Hug.What not? I look back to see if anyone is crying for me, and i just see a bright sun shine!

And i was gone!