My Memories of Roger

If you were to imagine the ideal, no, perfect best friend, then that would be Roger. He was amazing. You would be lucky to have a brief chat with him, even though he didn’t usually say much, or even meet him; then again he stayed in the house most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I know I seem very chipper but I do miss him everyday. You have no idea. Even if you have lost someone close to you I still don’t think it could compare to the loss of Roger. We had a bond like no other. We were like peanut butter and jelly, you know? It was just one of those things that you know has to stay together.

I remember this one time when my family and I took Roger on vacation with us up to our cottage in Espanola. We got up there and during the ride Roger didn’t look so good. I think he was a little motion sick; too much rocking. Well we got all settled in and I was so tuckered out from the car ride up that I went into an “instant coma” just as soon as I hit the pillow, so I didn’t really see Roger till morning. I went into the kitchen and I was going to get food for Roger and me, but my mom told me that Roger ate while I was still comatose. Later on in the day, I decided to go for a swim down at the beach, so obviously Roger came with me. We were inseparable remember? Well, then came one of the scariest moments of my life. Roger was always a strong swimmer. Way stronger than I was or ever could be. So, I lost him. He had decided to go for a long swim to a far off little island or something. Just as I was screaming for my mom I saw him and let out a sigh of relief. Even though this isn’t the happiest moment I have of Roger, it is definitely one of the strongest.
I haven’t really been able to talk to anyone about what I’ve been dealing with since the loss of Roger. Everyone thinks I just need to let it go by and start anew with a new best friend. I’m just glad I can finally vent my feeling to someone. Keeping all those emotions pent up was not good for me at all. I just can’t really believe he’s actually gone, I guess it hasn’t really hit me yet. Well, I know he’s gone; it’s just that the sadness of the situation hasn’t come to me.

I just miss him like crazy! I miss everything about him, his personality, sitting around just talking to him and him listening to every word, even though he was constantly moving. Even his childish habits are something I miss; I grew out of blowing bubbles but I guess he just never did.

If you can hear me Roger, I just want you to know that our friendship meant the world to me and I hope it meant just as much to you. I know that some days will be hard to cope with and other days might go by smoother than others but that doesn’t mean I won’t be thinking of you. I might even meet new people and make new friends but they will never replace you. I won’t let them and they would never measure up. I’ll never forget you, Roger. You were my best friend. I’m so glad my parents decided to get me a fish instead of a dog.