Unemployment Essay

Each society has some factors that hinder its improvement. Unemployment is one of them that can prevent a society to be perfect or somehow a utopia. Unemployment can cause two major negative effects on society, which are poverty and crime. These two factors can make fundamental problems for society.

When unemployment is widespread in a society, there would be no money gained, so the people of that society would be poor and poorer. Not only they get poor, but also they will face some other difficulties. For example, an unemployed, married man cannot afford his family expenses, so that would be the beginning of a depression, quarrel, and other disorders in the family. Poverty gives them a feeling of being inferior to others, so they will lose their self-esteem, which is more dangerous than the hunger they tolerate. The unemployed person will come to the conclusion that he is a nonentity in the world! This poverty itself is a cause itself; it can cause people to commit a crime.

Crime is sometimes is done because or the poorness of a person who wants something which he cannot afford. When the pocket is empty and living in a megapolis is costly, those who are not virtuous resort to a way of gaining money, which is not righteous, such as stealing others’ possessions, murdering others for being paid, or even having a hostage in order to have ransom. Some others start smuggling gas, drugs, or other things which are illegal in a country.

Poverty and crime are considered as major effects of unemployment in society. We can regard it as a very beginning cause of disorders in a society in different forms. It can make the unemployment of a society depressed, having a lack of self-esteem, and useless. Malnutrition, divorce, crime are other effects of this devilish phenomenon which is called unemployment.