A Rose Growing From The Concrete

I always told myself I was going to be something in life no matter how many obstacles came my way. Some people asked me where I get my strength, I say I get my strength from within always having a hunger to succeed. I broke through the lies I told myself that I will never overcome my situation. I also believe that I get my strength from my nieces because they look up to me and I want be a good example. So when they plan for college I will be right there guiding them, telling them to never give up and keep trying. Being one of the first in my family to seek higher education at a four year University is very exciting for me because I know I’m planning for my future.

At an early age I had to adapt to being placed in different homes and different schools. This made my grades shift a lot from good, to average, and sometimes below average. I never had a chance to build relationships with friends or my biological parents. My biological parents weren’t in my life because they weren’t mentally or financially stable to take care of me. So I had to live with different family members that could take care of me so I wouldn’t be placed in foster care.

Currently, I attend an AP Psychology course, I mime dance at my church, played tennis in the spring, intern for Motivos magazine, attend S.T.A.R (students talking about relationships), I’m on the schools year book committee, and will be on the track team after Thanks giving break. Yes I am very active, I like doing new things and doing well at them. The major I plan on looking into is Psychology. I choose Psychology because I love interacting with people, always being a listener, and giving good advice from my own experiences.

I’m a creative, enthusiastic, and a goal oriented person that sees a future full of greatness ahead of me. I also am a fluent reader and writer specifically poetry. I can say that I’m not a product of my environment because my goals are higher then what’s expected. Overall, my life has taught me to never let someone determine who I am or who I want to be. I can also say that I’m truly a rose growing from the concrete because even though my life experiences have been hard I still grow and persevere.
So I leave you with poem:
A Rose Growing From The Concrete
I see me growing stronger
through all the trials I face
I see a bright future ahead of me
even though my petals fall
I grow
erupting beauty from where I’m from
busting out of my generational curse

becoming someone that will someday make a difference