My Professional Accomplishment – Admissions Essay

I finished my bachelor of science in accounting with a high GPA of 3.75 and I took MBT courses at UMN with GPA of 3.80. The biggest accomplishment is that I had five years experience and all my previous bosses gave me very high evaluation. One of my bosses had a long conversation with me before I left his company. He told me that it was a big loss that I left. When he decided to hire me, he had some worries because he felt that I’m a very demanding and self-centered person. After one year’s work with him, he found that I was very considerate and cooperative with excellent communication skills. I knew how to listen to people while I tried to lead people. I placed my faith and trust in people when I was trusted and depended upon. At the end of our conversation, he said,” Lei, you are such an effective and smart person that I believe your capability and personality will lead you to success wherever you go.

Although I do not own a company I believe I have potential to be a good leader. When I worked at Wahlquist, I built up a very pleasant relationship with mutual trust between coworkers and me. In many situations, even if I was not in the role where I was the one to make the decisions, it ended up it was me who persuade the boss the make the right decisions and he was very appreciated. When I first came to the company, I found people working here kept certain distance with each other and they even didn’t know how many kids they had or where they came from. It made the working environment was cold, unfriendly and boring. So I started to persuade Mr. Wahlquist to create a more cozy and homelike workplace. We could create more changes to let staff members gather together and talk about their life and family so that they could know each other better. Only can you work better with your coworkers if you know them better. I started to suggest we can have seasonal dinner together or we could invite our coworkers to each other’s home for a party by turn. After discussing these issues with other leaders and staff member, they took my suggestions. They decided each year right after the tax season, the company will have a gathering where they can bring their family members and enjoy all the activities. People started to talk to each other and felt more like a home working at Walquist, which improved their efficiency and enthusiasm. That was why Mr. Walquist had a long conversation with me before I left. When he knew the reason I left was because my husband found a good job at Minnesota, he even joked that if he could afford my husband, he could even offer him a job to let me stay in his company.