Presidential Election of 2004 – Political Science Essay

Presidential Election of 2004 – Political Science Essay

In the Presidential Election of 2004, I would vote for the incumbent candidate, the Republican Party’s George W. Bush. In my opinion, George Bush has been an outstanding leader of our country for the past four years. Since taking office in 2001, Bush has faced some of the most difficult challenges ever by a President. After an extremely controversial victory over Vice President, Al Gore, Bush and Cheney were not declared winners of the 2000 election until weeks after Election Day. With such a margin of victory, many Americans refused to accept and support the court-appointed victor. (1)

During his first year in office, Bush addressed many environmental issues formulating specific recommendations for a cleaner environment. After holding office for just nine months, he faced the tragedy of 9/11. In the midst of a national crisis, our nation needed the strength and conviction of a strong national leader. President Bush was immediately at the scene of the former World Trade Center comforting the families of victims and assuring Americans as to their safety and security. Under his administration, the war on terror was launched. He immediately mobilized American troops to seek and destroy terrorist organizations in many areas around the world. (1, 2)

Under President Bush’s leadership, our country developed a renewed sense of patriotism. Since the day of 9/11, the world is always at risk of similar unprovoked and unforeseen terror. Americans, therefore, have a continuing and growing need to know that our President and our government are taking all the necessary steps and precautions to protect our security. To that end, Bush has created a new cabinet post, secretary of homeland security, Tom Ridge. In addition, President Bush, as Commander-and-Chief of the armed forces continues to seek and destroy terrorists around the world. (1, 2)

During the past four years, Bush has delivered reductions on individual taxes which have benefited the low and middle-class families. With a significant increase in military spending and a growing national debt, the President has a longer term plan to reduce the national debt. While there are conflicting economic theories on economic spending, many economists believe that robust government spending will actually fuel the economy and create jobs in the near term. (1)

In contrast, the democratic candidate, Senator John Kerry, has a platform which suggests dangerously high levels of deficit spending. Kerry’s plans include increased spending on military, education, the environment, and health care programs. And strangely, he promises no increase in individual taxes. (1)

I also support President Bush for re-election because of his consistent position on opposing abortion. The debate regarding the mortality of abortion had been on going for decades. President Bush holds a conservative and moral view which denies a woman’s right to have an abortion. Senator Kerry, on the other hand, as a liberal politician, is pro-choice. He believes that a woman should have the right to abort her unborn child. While this issue is driven more by one’s religious belief and convictions, I respect the mortality and personal values of President Bush over those of his opponent. (1, 2)

In the area of education, President Bush proposed one of the most radical improvements in our education system. During his first term, Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act. With this plan, every state has had to develop specific plans to ensure improvement in their schools. In order to attract and retain quality teachers, Bush is proposing financial incentives to better compensate teachers with proven success. (1,2)

While Senator John Kerry also supports improvement in our education system, his specific plans are loosely defined and seem to focus more on after school activities for students. (2)

Taxes are a fundamental need to run this nation. With four years of experience as our President, I believe that George Bush has a much better understanding of our national budget. I also believe it is a difficult task for anyone to balance tax levels with adequate levels of government spending. Any candidate would want to do everything humanly possible in every area of government services. Unfortunately, increased services require increases in taxes. I believe that Bush administration has presented a logical and tolerable plan for the second term. Senator Kerry, conversely, cites tax and spending plans which are contradictory. I believe that his proposed spending plans would inevitably trigger increased taxes for most Americans. (1, 2)

In summary, I agree with Bush’s views on abortion, security and defense, homeland security, education, taxes, and environment. I would support the re-election of George W. Bush for the upcoming 2004 election.