Annual Halloween Window Painting Contest – Philosophy Essay

Annual Halloween Window Painting Contest – Philosophy Essay

Last year I volunteered my time to organize the annual Halloween Window Painting Contest in my town. The participants ranged in age from eight to eleven years old. My leadership included the solicitation of local vendors, the registration and supervision of the participants and the organization of the awards ceremony. Historically, the event had been run by the Jane Doe, but due to waning membership in recent years, they were not planning to continue the tradition last year.

My sister and her friends, third graders last year, were especially disappointed with this prospect. For several weeks prior, they had been talking about what they were planning to paint for the upcoming contest. Seeing their disappointment, I took the initiative to contact a member of the Jane Doe to implore the continuation of the contest. When he said that none of the members were able to undertake the organization of the event, I asked if I could manage the project on their behalf. Given their lack of resources, he welcomed my offer and my enthusiasm.

For several weeks prior to the contest, I devoted most of my free time to the project. And I’m happy to say that, despite my other commitments to school and extracurricular activities, the event was extraordinarily successful. Over seventy-five vendors and more than one hundred children participated in the event. The greatest reward for me was in seeing the delight on the children’s faces both during and after the painting. Even the town took on a more festive look throughout the Halloween season.

From this experience, I have learned that nearly anything can be accomplished when you set your heart and mind to it. Many would simply have accepted the departure from a long-time town tradition. I’ve also learned that even the largest of projects is nothing more than a series of small and manageable tasks. The road to success is in learning to approach them one step at a time. In retrospect, I might have managed the project a little differently in light of conflicting obligations at that time. If I had it to do over, I am confident that I could have solicited assistance from friends and neighbors to manage some of the smaller tasks.

In conclusion this experience has shown me how to think about and accomplish other objectives in life. Nothing in life is unattainable if you set your mind to it and commit yourself.