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2000 Presidential Election Reactions – Political Science Essay

2000 Presidential Election Reactions – Political Science Essay

After viewing both Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election and Searching for the roots of 9/11, I’ve come to many realizations as to how politics may have an effect on my life. Witnessing both videos, as well as, personal reflection has driven me to wonder the likelihood of my future ballots being counted, how natives of other countries will view me, as well as, how

I myself view my own country. As one of the newest members on the delayed entry program for the United States Army, I need to put serious thought into all three issues.

A new concern for my future voting ballots has arisen ever since the scandals of the 2000 presidential election. This year I will be able to vote at the polls, but I fear that in my future, while in the army, I may have to vote using many absentee ballots. Judging by the number of absentee ballots that was never accounted for in the 2000 election, it forces me to wonder whether or not my ballot may also be overlooked when it comes time to decide the next president. I would like to think that as a soldier of this country, my vote would be an essential voice for the masses, as well as, for the country I am deployed to. We are not only voting for ourselves, but for others across the globe. This leads me to my next major issue.

Another concern of mine is what the natives of other countries, particularly in the Middle East, might think of me, as a soldier, after our own reactions to 9/11. It would make the lives of our heroic soldiers much safer if the natives of other countries thought of them as heroes as well. We cannot be the only ones worldwide to think we are doing what is just and right. To achieve this would prove to be extremely difficult, but if everyone, inside and outside the US, would be more open-minded to other cultures and even perhaps sympathetic towards their needs, then we’d be well on our way. Global peace must first be presented by example, and that will become possible when the foundations of our country (ie: the citizens) are not shaking with doubt.

My own beliefs for my country have recently gone through questioning due to recent US actions following the 9/11 attacks. I for one, am all for patriotic beliefs and attitudes. Yet there is, and always has been, a fine line between patriotism and racism. We can ill afford showing the world that we have no care for their needs and cultures. Thinking we are superior to all others because of our economic and political stature is not only wrong but an open invitation for all others to resent us. As the only superpower, if any, in the world, we must stand as examples and helpers to those in need of assistance. Looking poorly on others and turning the other way because it does not effect us is naivety at it’s best.

The conclusions I have come to after viewing both eye opening films should be evident not only to myself, but others should be as enlightened as I have. All future voters must show some concern for their ballot if they truly wish to ensure their say in the future president, we must also be sensitive to those natives of all foreign countries, as well as, truly re-evaluating whether or not our country is in the right, or the wrong.