Canadian Political Science Research Essay Proposal

Canadian Political Science Research Essay Proposal

How is it possible that society can protect the innocent, while at the same time protect the rights of the individual?

How can society protect the innocent, while at the same time, protect the rights of individuals? Recently Canada was divided over the Supreme Court ruling that it wasn’t illegal to possess child pornography in the province of British Columbia.

The decision outraged child rights groups, activists and parents across the country. They have condoned the right to posses such offensive materials, while at the same time included two clauses that seem to have been thrown in on a whim to keep the rest of the country happy with their decision.


•Cover the definition of obscenity/pornography laws in Canada
•Cover the definition of individual rights in the constitution
•Touch on why the innocent should be protected
•Touch on why child pornography is wrong
•Try to write a balanced argument showing both sides of each issue

The decision affects the Criminal Code of Canada, even though it only applies to the province of British Columbia, many are in fear that this decision may act as a foundation for other similar cases in all the provinces. How is it that the possession of child pornography is legal, while the selling and distributing it is illegal?

Some pedophiles, such as David Jones, may use this excuse to hide behind what seems to be a sick fixation. He states that, “This court decision helps protect regular internet users from the potential nightmare of getting tangled up in a messy kiddie-porn criminal case, just because someone sent you some raunchy images by email or you accidentally visited a disgusting website and either way, some kiddie porn images may have unintentionally ended up on your hard drive.”

As you can see there are many arguments to both sides of the issue, some valid, some completely incomprehensible. I hope to present each side equally, and draw a logical conclusion, not one based on emotion, or what one may consider right.



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