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  • Corruption in Sri Lanka

    The Offence of Corruption Bribery Act 70. Any public servant who, with intent, to cause wrongful or unlawful loss to the Government, or to confer a wrongful or unlawful benefit, favour or advantage on

  • Employment Laws and Managerial Consequences

    It is the liability of HR as well as the Company to stay compliance with state and federal laws that pertains to worker practices. A worker’s instruction manual is considered to be the basis of information that is used in management in order to assist managers so that they can steer clear of legal actions…

  • Mc Phail v Doulton (1970)

    Q ) ‘It seems to be as plain as can be that if all the objects are not ascertainable, then to distribute amongst the known object is to take a narrower class than the settler has directed and so to conflict with his intention.’ (Lord Guest (dissenting) in Mc Phail v Doulton (1970)).

  • What is a Monopoly?

    Monopoly and Unfair Business Competition – Indonesian Law What is monopoly? Monopoly is the condition of market when there is only one provider of a particular service or product. The condition is very beneficial for the service providers because they have the freedom of lack market competitors. On the other hand, the customers did not…

  • Reference re Secession of Quebec

    The facts of this case are: Quebec never signed the Canadian Constitution. In the early 80s, the Parti Québécois won the majority vote of the Quebec Provincial Election. The party then held a referendum, asking Quebec’s citizens if they should ask for a mandate, and negotiate sovereignty for Quebec. The referendum resulted in a 60…

  • Constitutional Adjudication of the External Affairs Power

    TITLE: ‘Areas of what are of purely domestic concern are steadily contracting and those of international concern are ever expanding’ by Stephen J in Koowarta v Bjelke-Peterson (1982) 153 CLR 168, [217].

  • Why Marijuana Should be Legalized

    Marijuana should be legal; it is as simple as that. Almost the entire population smokes or has smoked this drug, and people will get it no matter what the cost so why not make it legal. There are a lot or reasons why Marijuana should be legalized, and here the most important ones. First, there…

  • Butterfield v. Forrester



    The social problems that society was originally trying to solve were how to equitably resolve issues of liability in negligence cases. In the case of Butterfield v. Forrester (1809), the plaintiff was injured after striking an obstruction in the roadway. The respondent while making repairs to his home put a pole across the road. The…

  • Australia’s Statutory Bill of Rights

    Bills of rights have been put in place in many countries and are powerful documents. Australia is one of the few countries in the world and the only western nation in the world which hasn’t put in place a Bill of Rights. Although traditionally Australia has a good record of protecting our basic human rights,…

  • Crime Rate Fluctuation



    Many sociologist and criminal theorist have attempted to explain fluctuation in the crime rates at both a state and national level through out America. Perhaps one of the most widely scrutinized and debated relationships is that between the crime rate and incarceration levels. The U.S Department of justice has stated that “tough sentencing means

  • Silkwood vs. Kerr-McGee

    Twenty-seven years ago, US anti-nuclear activist, Karen Silkwood, was fighting in an uphill battle against Kerr-McGee Metallography Laboratory. Sadly after months of preparation and hard work for the case, Karen was killed in a fatal car crash. She

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – ADR – Summary

    In Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), the informal dispute resolution process, each involved party mutually agrees to meet with a professional third party to constructively and efficiently resolve their dispute rather than go to court. Through ADR, the parties are encouraged to engage in

  • Classical Utilitarianism and Kantian Deontology

    Utilitarian According to act-utilitarianism that action is right which, in relation to all other alternative actions, will result in maximising the probable happiness or well-being of humanity as a whole, or more

  • How has Strict Liability developed in criminal law? Is it ever justified?



    The primary aims of the criminal law are the protection of fundamental social issues, and the condemnation of those who violate them in any instance. Strict liability refers to offences that ‘require proof that the defendant performed the prohibited conduct but do not require proof that the defendant was

  • The Legal & Regulatory Environment within the U.S. Power Tool Industry



    The U.S. power tool industry covers the manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sale of power tools to professional tradesmen, hardware stores and the home user. Power tools are defined as those that are driven by Alternating Current (AC)

  • Law justifies itself for being an Ass……..



    Help! Help! Police help me from this police. No! To me the gone line is not bizarre. Well, I could hardly find a being on earth who will, in fact, claim it to be bizarre. The people of India enjoy the sporadic

  • The Living Mother of the Dead: Waiting Blindly in Search of Justice!



    The ongoing human rights violations implore for a quick clamp down or else a new country, within a country, would ensue—an unhealthy country, where the rights of the common masses of the country would turn

  • Responsibilities of an Expert Witnesses



    The following memorandum is provided explain your duties and responsibilities as an expert witness appearing in the Supreme Court of Victoria. Below I have refereed to the relevant provisions contained in

  • WTO and the Environment

    The World Trade Organization is an international organization designed to manage and liberalize international trade. The WTO regulates the rules of trade between nations at a global level. While the WTO

  • Personal Law Essay on Hate Crimes



    The first amendment of the United States Constitution states that, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,

  • The Contract Holding Theory and Unincorporated Associations.

    There is no precise legal definition of an ‘unincorporated association’, but according to Lawton LJ in Conservative Central Office v Burrell , there must be some mutual duties and obligations between the members of the association. The general

  • IMF – International Monetary Fund



    IMF – International Monetary Fund On, 1st July 1944, World War II, perhaps the darkest age of the human race, was about to end. The allies have landed in Normandy, and the fall of the Axis powers was inevitably near. Already, the economic visionaries and idealists have gathered at Bretton

  • Goss vs. Lopez – Law Essay



    Goss vs. Lopez – Law Essay Removing students from school without a hearing is always a last resort. Although this may be the case now, just a few years back it was not. On October 16, 1974, the Supreme Court argued a case that would change

  • What is Defamation – Law Essay

    What is Defamation – Law Essay The law of defamation was meant to protect people’s reputations from unfair attack. Over the years, however, it has mutated into a heterogeneous mess invoked by the rich, who can afford to hire people clever enough to

  • Prosecuting Ralph with Constructive Manslaughter – Law Essay

    Prosecuting Ralph with Constructive Manslaughter – Law Essay A submitted case concerns mostly omissions, duty to care and causation. According to facts Jo would face a charge of gross-negligence manslaughter; Gilbert could be