Law justifies itself for being an Ass……..



Help! Help! Police help me from this police. No! To me the gone line is not bizarre. Well, I could hardly find a being on earth who will, in fact, claim it to be bizarre. The people of India enjoy the sporadic

monsoons, the soothing downpours; they feel the gravity of the summer, the coldness and charm of the winters, and along with that, they are accustomed to the perennial and remorseless tortures of the so-called erratic police-officers, who claim themselves to be the reincarnation of some ancient God who has taken birth for saving the lives of people in the guise of police officials. Now, I implore your Almighty to once again step on the earth to keep an eye on those very people who, to me, are nothing more than wolves in a sheep’s clothing.

To be sure, half the population is dying not of old age, but of police tortures, not of diseases, but because of the bruises in their body awarded by the batons of the officers. The crimes committed by the police officers afford an attention but unfortunately my eyes are staring at the inattentive masses of the country. When one sees law as a dead horse, it forces him to turn his PC on and start typing something which would at least snuggle down his anger and embarrassment. So what should one type is a million dollar question. As far as my views are concerned he should type nothing but the saying that goes without saying—-Law is an ass!

I read an author saying, law is invisible; it is in the air, in the atmosphere, to the normal touch, so to speak. The mystery (the presence of law) of my life was half-solved when my teacher quietly dictated in class: ‘Law remains undefined’. So if one cannot define law how is then the presence of law justified. Well, whatever is present in Earth, or for that matter, in Mars or Venus, nothing is left undefined. This forced me to modify the former definition a bit. It should rather be—Law is nowhere, therefore invisible.

Examples have proved to be more helpful than mere discussion since time immemorial. I am not going to table something which is purely uncommon to the common people. I would rather seek to cite a few instances which are capable to substantiate my argument that law does not exist. Take for instance, when you go to a Railway ticket counter to purchase a ticket and you don’t have change. You take a ticket worth Rs.5 and give Rs.10 (I surmise, everyone agrees that the balance amount is not huge) to the person in counter. The latter wants to have a show of authority which no one could challenge and makes you wait for another 10-15 minutes. If question the wrongdoer, one would receive a short rude reply (the case has maximum application in West Bengal). Now, if law were there in the atmosphere, would then the victim would have to wait there for 15 minutes, missing his train, bearing the expenses of a taxi (he might be a regular bus-passenger), arriving late at office, getting scolded by his manager, losing his one day salary etc. Who is going to compensate for all the consequences? Well, law is, in all likelihood, not bothered about what the ticket seller does. But I am. What can I do? This probably is again a million dollar question. I should again type something in my PC which is likely to calm-down my annoyance. That ‘thing’ is the saying that goes without saying—Law is an Ass!