Why Marijuana Should be Legalized

Marijuana should be legal; it is as simple as that. Almost the entire population smokes or has smoked this drug, and people will get it no matter what the cost so why not make it legal. There are a lot or reasons why Marijuana should be legalized, and here the most important ones. First, there would be a lower drug rate, and less drug dealers on the streets. Secondly, the government will get more money from taxing the drug, and thirdly it will help people whom use it for medical reasons need obtain it more efficiently.

Marijuana should be legalized because it would lower the drug rate and help keep drug dealers off the streets. If we made Marijuana legal there would be less drug dealers in the United States because less people will be arrested for crimes like this. There would still be drug dealers and illegal drugs but that is just one thing that will always be around. We cannot make ever drug legal-only the important ones. In the past 20 years, I believe that the drug rate has risen substantially, all because of Marijuana. I also believe that if marijuana becomes legal that the drug rate will decrease by at least half, maybe more; but this is just my hypothesis.

Another reason why I think Marijuana should be legalized is money issues. The government loses billions and billions of dollars buy people buying illegal drugs on the streets. Now, if we legalize those drugs and tax them, the government will get what they want and so will the people who want the drug. This is a win-win situation for everyone. Even though people who are being taxed for it will not be that happy, they get what they want. They will be buying marijuana in the tobacco stores just as if they would buy camel menthols.

The last and most important reason why Marijuana should be legalized is for medical reasons. People with terminal illnesses or any illness are usually prescribed some sort of Marijuana for help. I am not saying that it is prescribed for the common cold like Tylenol. It is more for like Cancer patients of people with brain tumors. When they are prescribed this however, it is hard to obtain it because it is illegal and all. However, if the government legalizes the marijuana then the patients can get it more efficiently. This is not a cure for cancer or tumors, but it helps ease the pain that comes along with the illness.

People say that Marijuana should stay illegal for many reasons. They say more people will get addicted to it, or if we legalize this drug then we should legalize all drugs; but that is not the case. It does not matter what drugs we legalize or keep illegal people are going to try getting it. So why not make it easier for them. Personally, I think that it is safer to give people legalize drugs than having them find drug dealers and causing a whole bunch of mess with drug busts and such. There is no scientific proof that marijuana kills brain cells are has any negative affects. In my opinion, it actually helps. I am not saying that I have personally done drugs but I have friends that have and they said that it helps them with test, studying, and stress. It is like a cigarette.

The drugs that we legalize are not just any drugs. They are drugs that actually have proof to helping people. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) would not go around legalizing ecstasy or heroin because they have no proven positive side effects. I think we are a little bit smarter than that. If not, then all the potheads should just move to Columbia and become addicted to Cocaine. Probably, there is a process goes along with legalizing a drug. We would have to weigh the options on why or why not to legalize a drug and go through all of the side effects. Overall, Legalizing Marijuana is more effective than keeping it illegal. I hope that you agree, too.