Example of Bridgewater College Undergraduate Admission Essay

Example Bridgewater College Undergraduate Admission Essay
College to me is the key to a successful money making future and that’s what I want is to make money. I heard about Bridgewater College through the transfer program at BCC in Fall River Mass. I have been attending BCC since January, and I plan on taking summer courses so I will be caught up with a sophomore year of college.I am on a degree plan right now for Human Services but my mind is not made up yet.

I really want to work with children in psychology but I also want to be a social worker. I think that’s why I have picked this major because I can branch off into many other fields. I have also drawn interest in our soccer program. I have played soccer my whole life and when I was looking at your college I noticed the team. I have already went to your web site and signed up there and I also received a package with booklets about your school and its programs. I believe your school can help me accomplish my goal in having a successful future.

A personal accomplishment that I have over come was becoming a college student. Many people after graduation never get to experience the college life and they end up not ever going to school. I like school it’s the only way I know I will have a guaranteed successful future. Graduating was a great experience one I will never forget, but I am more excited about graduating college. That to me is a goal that I am seeking to full-fill and I am hoping it will be with your college.