Differences Between The British political System and Others – Government Essay

I am going to discuss Russian and English government system. There are a little bit differences between this two government systems. First, England has democratic monarchy and Russia is democratic country. In theory

British Queen has absolute power, but in reality it is just tradition. Queen just sign the laws and speak the speeches which has been written for her by members of government. In Russia the President keep the power in his hands. He can give his own opinion about any law which government gave him to sign up. But President in Russia should also listen people’s opinion about laws and their recommendation. I don’t know much about British government system but I think English Prime Minister has more power and freedom than Russian.
I think that just a few per cent of people hear about Russian Prime Minister Fradkov, but everybody knows Tony Blair. There are five parties in Russian government, but they don’t play really big role in Russian political system and Prime Minister don’t really follow them. There is opposite meaning about Prime Minister in England. The Prime Minister in England like main face of country and he also need to support his party. In Russia main parties support communism but people in Russia remember the communists days in Russia and just small part of Russian can dare to vote for communists parties. There are three main parties in Britain. The conservative party are also support by richest sections of society and large part of working class, Iain Duncan Smith is leader of this party. The main British party is Labour party. The Prime Minister of Great Britain is also leader of this party from May 2002. Middle and working classes always vote for Labours. The Liberal Democrats party headed by Charles Kennedy is more poorly, than two previous parties, but all classes of society vote for Liberals. In the end I want to say, that there are no ideal political system in the world. English government is very traditional. I think that it is disadvantage and advantage at the same time. And the biggest problem in Russia that every politician lies to people.