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Alberta College of Art and Design – Example Essay

Alberta College of Art and Design – Example Essay
Going to a prestigious art school after graduation is something I dreamt about since eighth grade. To me, Art is more than just an interest; it has been a great influence and a source of motivation in my life. My goals consist of

trying to improve more on my artistic skill and professional training. When I was in grade ten, I was offered the great privilege of attending a fine arts school. In the past three years of education at this fine arts school, my passion for visual art has flourished. I have made significant progress during this time as I have learned more about technical skills and art’s history than I have ever previously in my life. It provided me with the confidence and assurance to pursue a career related to visual art. Moreover, I have a very strong passion towards photography; from landscape, abstract to fashion photography as well as strong technical skills in printing both black / white and color prints.

I believe The Alberta College of Art and Design will prepare me for a future in my chosen career. After graduation I envision a life full of opportunity, confidence and success. The knowledge I gain from attending college will be applied to both the technical and the professional training necessary for me to have confidence in the work field. This confidence will have a big impact on my work and if I believe in myself then I can produce high quality works of art. With this as my foundation, I plan to succeed in my future career. By success I hope to seek a job that is satisfying and rewarding. This does not necessarily mean earning a large sum of money. Even though, sometimes it can be stressful and risky, I believe that I will enjoy my work because that is something I love to do. It is something I can put my heart and soul into because I feel happy when I am doing it.

My career goal is to find a job in the advertising field, something that would allow me to utilize my skills in commercial art. Therefore, I intend to study visual communication design. After I graduation, my plan is to work in the United States for few years in order to gain some on the job experience. After that I would like to go to either China or Japan to seek a stable career. I believe the school can help me pursue my goals after graduation. With the help of The Alberta College of Art and Design my dream can finally become true.