Writing a High Quality Essay – History Informal Essay
There are many ways of writing a good essay. Many people have there own style of writing as well. But sticking to the basics helps writers. The key to writing a good essay is incorporating one’s own style into the basics of writing a paper. Things to keep in mind while writing a paper always is the basics. For starters it’s always good to be grammatically correct, not only will you not look stupid but you should get a better grade on the paper. Another good thing is to avoid using passive voice, and along with that getting ride of unnecessary words. This will help you get your point across cleaner without beating around the bush.

And the last thing with the basics is the use of a large vocabulary. Change it up a bit, but don’t use words you wouldn’t normally use in a conversation.

The next part in writing a good essay is adding your personal style to the essay. By personal style is what most teacher’s would say as, “In your own words.” And that ties in with using or having a larger vocabulary and just saying what u would normally say in any conversation. Another thing to do is to use different references to help make a point. For example I like to use quotes in my essays to help get my point across. But with all styles people have different opinions, so it is always good to have someone check read your work to see if someone with a different style can compare with the writing.

So in conclusion the key to writing a good essay is using one’s own style along with the basics of writing a paper. If this wasn’t the case everyone’s essay should look exactly the same.