My Sister’s addorable Dog Chili – Descriptive Essay
I chose to write about my sister’s dog. The dog’s name is Chili. She is half pinscher and half Dachshund. I chose to write about her because she is a very interesting dog and she has a very special place in our family. Chili is a very beautiful smart cute small 22 (in dog’s years) years old dog. Her color is a combination of white, black and brown. Her back is black

from the outside and white when you get closer to the skin and her bottom and face are brown (reminds a small Rottweiler). She has a very big bat like ears. And she is a little over weight.

She is very smart and a good searching dog. She always finds her ball before we do, when we ask her for it and she knows the different between her ball and her bone (when we ask her to bring the bone she brings the bone…). She is very frantic and likes to play a lot. Her favorite toy is my tennis ball which she likes to run after and catch at our courtyard. She is pretty annoying for other dogs and she likes to irritate them.

For conclusion you can see why I wrote about her. She is the cutest and most frantic dog that I know and I like her very much.