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Matilda: Stuck in a World of Bad Teachers and Criminal Parents – Creative Writing Paper

Matilda: Stuck in a World of Bad Teachers and Criminal Parents – Creative Writing Paper
Matilda is story about a young six year old girl stuck in a world crammed with bad teachers and criminal parents. She is struggling to handle entering a new school with the worst Principal (Miss Trunchbull) in the world. It is a night in hell going to that school but Matilda is a young girl eager to learn. She is just

discovering her special powers of being telekinetic. As she begins to control her powers she bonds with her new teacher Miss Honey, a sweet loving person that everyone likes. Through that path they combine powers and try to fight off the monstrous Miss Trunchbull. With the whole school behind Miss Honey and Matilda, they reach triumph, and on top of that, Matilda’s criminal parents – who should be in gaol are getting chased by the cops and are on the run. Matilda decides to stay with Miss Honey permanently, and they all have a happy ending, except for Miss Trunchbull who is scared out of her wits and Mr. and Miss Wormwood are heading towards the rest of their life in gaol.

Exploring the themes of Matilda

The theme – “Nobody ever made money out of being honest.”

Do you believe this saying from Mr. Wormwood?
It is true because nobody in their whole lives can live without telling a lie, especially if you want to make money. Sometimes money takes over and people take big risks that can get them sent to gaol like Mr. Wormwood. I have not met one person that has not told a lie in their whole life. It’s true, even I have told a lie – sometimes you have to but it shouldn’t be for the wrong reasons.

What would your answer be?
If I were in Matilda’s shoes literally, I would say nothing as she is small and he is big and anything could happen if he was to be back chattered to by a little innocent girl. But I if I was the way I am now I would say “You might be right but breaking the law is no exception – only the dumbest people break the law and I am sure you wouldn’t like to go to gaol by being dumb breaking the law.” That’s if I had a lot of confidence that day.

What would have been different in Matilda if Mr. Wormwood did not cheat on his customer?
They would’ve been poorer, he may still be mean but Matilda could’ve not gone to that school and not beat Miss Trunchbull, and if she did go she wouldn’t have her powers as her dads yelling and bragging set off her powers and she would be tortured and so would the rest of the school.

“I’m smart your dumb/I’m big your small, so I’m right and your wrong.”

Do you agree with it?
No. Matilda may be small but she isn’t dumb, she is a lot smarter than he is. Just because someone is bigger doesn’t mean they are always right, it just means people are too scared to stand up to them and say they are wrong.

How does this film show that this isn’t always right?
When Matilda calculates big numbers in her head while her father is struggling, and she figures out there are cops out the front when the parent are clueless to the whole idea and ignore Matilda.