Review of “Forgot” by Z-Chen – English Informal Essay

Review of “Forgot” by Z-Chen – English Informal Essay
This is a song sung by a Malaysian male singer named Z-Chen. The song is in his first album “May I Love You?” released in 2002. The album also makes Z-Chen have the honor to compete “The Award of Golden Melody” in 2003. The first time when I heard this song in the album, I was surprised on the soft melody that gave me comfort and peace. What’s more, it was Z-Chen who composed this

song. The lyric is also fabulous. It describes that a person can overcome everything such as age and time for love. And the love is so strong that the person can forget himself, even can forget to forget his lover.

Title: Forget

Not I holding you tight, inactive my hands are laid,
How can I feel your heart?
Not I listening to you, deaf my ears are laid,
How can I perceive your heart?

Love, which time cannot withhold.
Tears flow in wrinkles like streams.
Fly into the crowd and be bold.
Say love you, I love you.

I can forget your age, my body,
And the air is not only used to breathe.
I needn’t worry when all problems love is dealing with.
I forget everything and to forget you.