The Stages of a Purchase

Everyday consumers go through a series of self questions, prior to the purchase of goods or services. In this paper we will discuss the Buyer Decision Processes questions with Steve and Dan pertaining to their recent computer purchase.

1. – Need Recognition
(Q). Dan, what was it that made you want to go out and buy a computer?
(A). I’ve had a computer for about four years now, which had recently been acting up. I saw an ad. on TV that Circuit City was having a sale, and decided it was time to upgrade and Circuit City just so happened to be right around the corner from my house.
(Q). Steve, what was it that made you want to go out and buy a computer?
(A). I recently enrolled in online courses for college and my current computer was extremely slow due to music songs and games on it, so I wanted a faster one just for school.

Comparing Dan and Steve’s reasons for wanting to buy new computers I would have to say that Dan’s motive to purchase was an external stimuli which was created by a companies special offer and Steve’s computer purchase was forced through an internal stimuli based off the reasoning being he felt he was driven to the need because his current computer is so slow. One thing that stands out however is that Dan and Steve both are having some type of issue with their current computer which is what is pushing them to a new one.

2. – Information Search
(Q). Dan, where did you get the information on the computer you purchased?
(A). I got the information from the Circuit City sales person on the computer that was advertised.
(Q). Steve, where did you get the information on the computer you purchased?
(A). I went online to where I looked up computers and then made my purchase.
Looking at how Dan and Steve went about collecting information on their purchases I would sat that Dan was extremely driven to the computer which he saw in the TV ad while Steve went into his purchase more objectively by looking at what some of the better computers were on the consumer report website instead of relying on a sales persons advice.

3. – Evaluation of Alternatives
(Q). Dan, what three things were most important to you while looking for your new computer?
(A). The first thing was the price, I had to stay with in a budget so it was most important. The second thing was screen size, I wanted something that was larger then 13 inches. The third thing was the graphics card because I wanted good graphics for my games.
(Q). Steve, what three things were most important to you while looking for your new computer?
(A). My first concern was the amount of memory the computer had. Number two was a computer with the Vista operating system by Microsoft. The third thing I wanted in my computer was a key pad located to the right of the letters.

After analyzing what each person wanted in their computers it was obvious that Steve was more concerned about the quality of his computer where as Dan cared more about his personal budget then the quality of the computer he was buying.

4. – Purchase Decision
(Q). Dan, why did you decide on the computer you bought?
(A). After looking at the computer that was in the ad and talking to the sales representative I realized the computer was still what I needed that was in my price range.
(Q.). Steve, why did you decide on the computer you bought?
(A). Well after looking at consumer reports and reading the reviews on each of the computers that had the things I wanted I went with the highest rated computer that would make my online schooling easier.
During the purchase decision both Dan and Steve continued on the same path they had started from the beginning. Dan went with his pocket book while Steve researched online and went with higher quality through recommendation.
(Q). Dan, were you happy with the purchase you made?
(A). No, I actually wish I would have looked into some other choices besides the one I picked. My computer continues to freeze up in the middle of what I am doing very similar to my old computer.
(Q). Steve, were you happy with the computer you bought?
(A). Yes, my computer works great for a school computer and having a number key pad off to the right has been a life saver being a math major.
After compiling all of the information from both Dan and Steve I will say that they both went at their computer purchase with two different styles. Looking at how Dan started his process it seems that he may not have really been ready to purchase a computer or initially did not think the cost of a computer related to the quality of the computer. I would have to say that Dan’s purchase had a lot to do with his demographics seeing that he was more concerned with getting in and out as well as purchasing at a low cost. Steve on the other hand took his time and researched his computer; he was not worried about the cost of the computer as much as he was worried about what was offered with the computer and its quality rating, based on how Steve went into his purchasing process I would say his experience was based on behavioral tendencies.