The Radio Broadcasting Industry

Radio broadcasting industry is a versatile, fun and rewarding stepping stone into a multitude of careers, which is why I hope to one day use it to break into the entertainment industry. The radio industry is so

broad that it can help you get your foot in the door for so many other careers that deal with things like marketing, public relations, entertainment, politics, sales as well as others. Through a radio station you get chances to work with organizations that help people such as charity organizations. Through the radio station you can do on site broadcasts at places like clubs, mall openings, car wash events, parades and you get plenty of chances to meet all sorts of different people by doing interviews and doing onsite reporting of major events.

The skills you learn starting out in radio translate so easily to so many other industries that it makes it easy to start in it and then jump to a related career. Through radio you learn how to give public presentations, analyze a demographic, deal with the public, organize and manage a group of people. You can start out as a DJ, hone your public speaking skills, and then move to a job in the marketing department, gaining skills that you can take to a whole slew of other jobs. If you were to stay at the radio station and decide to move from marketing to program manager, then you can gain managerial skills that will also help you in a multitude of other career paths. Not only that but you could also move to one of the many other positions at the radio station and gain many other skills that branch off into so many options that it could boggle the mind. The radio is an entertainment industry you could also break into voice acting as well as stage acting and you could even start acting in movies.

The radio industry helps out communities by helping local charities, running charitable events, and having educational shows. Radio stations are always hosting events for charities and helping to get the word out about events those charities run. For example one station is helping the Yvette Gate bone marrow campaign by getting the word out by posting a page about Yvette Gate as well as links to more information on their website. A different radio station has a program called Crime Stoppers, where they advertise it on the air and on their website. They let people know who to get in contact with for home security systems and weekly updates on things like crime news, appeals and advice as well as a number for people to get more information from. Radio stations, mostly talk stations, run show that inform the public on multitude of different topics that can range from realty to great historic figures. I believe all this makes the radio industry a very rewarding career choice.

Working in radio and doing all the events and interviews is fun and exhilarating. As a DJ you have chances to go to large events like mall opening, car shows and even the state fair. Not only that but you also get a chance to a weekly show where all you do is go to the bar, have a good time and continue what you do in the studio. If you work for a big station in a big market you also get many chances to interview celebrities, and sometimes you don’t even have to be in a large market some times, in a small market, you get to interview small town heroes. I believe the most exhilarating part about being in the radio industry, primarily being a DJ, is creating the skits for shows. For example the onion radio news makes up all of their stories; I enjoy the idea of just making up funny stuff. Another example is the Bob and Tom morning show; it is a kind of sketch comedy radio show where they do funny songs and interview song writers and comedians as well as all the normal stuff for a morning. The greatest thing is that after working hard and establishing yourself you get more creative control over the shows you do.

That is my dream job, having my very own radio show. I am an entertainer, I love telling jokes and making other people laugh. I am also good at making funny and weird voices and sounds. I would really like to balance a radio show with a voice acting career. I have always dreamed of being the voice of some cartoon characters. Granted I do not have the skill to mimic my favorite cartoon voices but I really don’t want to mimic, I want have my own characters. If I work long and hard to prove I have what it takes, I will make it and be able to have creative control in most of my show and in what parts I do for voice acting. That is why I am going to school at brown college. I know that I need to start on this path some where and I have looked at colleges all over Minnesota and brown is the most famous and best out of the like 3 colleges that offer radio broadcasting program in Minnesota. It also gives me connections, which a necessity for radio, like the conclave and a job placement program that is life long. As a radio broadcaster you also have to have some technical intelligence for running the board, the thing with all the buttons in the studio, and I hope to be able to have such knowledge of the technical side of radio that I could also be a technician for the radio station that runs my shows. Basically I want to be able to do anything and everything at the station I work at. I know it will be a long and arduous journey that does not bring rewards immediately but in the long run to me all that hard work and diligence is worth it.