One Scary Night

One warm, dark, summer night, my friends and I were hanging out looking, laughing, and making fun of stupid peoples’ myspace pages. All of a sudden, we were all alramed by a blood curdling scream coming from the next room. We all sat, motionless as we awaited what would happen next.

The thoughts running through our minds were only about if we were going to survive, if we were going to be tortured, if we were going to ever see each other again, if we were ever going to see our families again, if we were ever going to be able to laugh at stupid people on myspace again.

Then one of the girls came galloping into the room, as fast as her short, stubby legs would carry her chubby body. She stood, motionless, in the doorway. We all stared at her not knowing what to do or say, or expecting her head to fall off infront of us because of some murderer that got her when she was alone, all by herself, in the next room, which was dark, disturbingly dark, and scarily quiet. There is plenty of dark funiture in the room and a non-squeaking, unlocked door that he could have walked through and then hid.

As our friend struggled for words, we all watched, jaws to the floor, as she appeared to be suffocating from shock. After about seven hours of this, she finally snapped out of it and exclaimed to us, in her annoying, ear piercing voice that she saw someone standing in the front lawn, look at her, and then run across the lawn and into the extremely dense forest of dark trees located in the back yard.

Everyone started screaming and running ferociously around the house, banging into everything, breaking all of the items in the house and a couple bones, from the momentum of our bodies running into each other during our panic.

After a few hours of this chaos, we came to the realization that we needed to teach this peeper a lesson, we loaded up on supplies. We ended up with blinding light flashlights, five or six sniper gus and about one thousand two hundred and fifty seven bullets, that’s just an estimation, two taser guns, and five cans of sure guard spray. We found the man and skinned him good, killing him within about ten hours.