My Personal Essay – Creative Writing Class Short Story

“My Personal Essay” – Creative Writing Class Short Story
Night over the city, silence and darkness came out of their forbidden ground. Children are sleeping, adult are lying on their own pluck. All of them escaping from the gloom and blue, but there was still some exception. Yellow helmets checked. Touches checked. Group of tiny manikins were

standing by a huge iron gate, pushing and pulling other in order to enter the mansion which was hidden at the back of the forest up on the top of the hill. Finally, Arrival committed. The main door of the castle, winds of early winter puffed, little hands touched the chilled handle. Door opened, dust and cobweb wafted everywhere. Nothing was left behind, but a long haul of screech…

“Then, what happened next?” I sat in my own chair, watching my own elder brother who was lying on my bed vapidly. My attitude was such emotionless that frosted him to sit up and kept the same horizontal eye sight with me. “You really don’t are about this, right?” I raised my eye braw. “I do care about it, that’s what you want me to say so, Ted?”

My brother rose with excitement. Then, he went straight to my door “If you do care about it,” and held on the handle. “As you have said that, then let’s take care of them today.” He opened the door, my cousins lunged into my dormitory.

I give my brother an astonished look, and what I received, was a bright guiltless smile. Whenever I found this kind of smile on him face, I knew he was up to something. Who tell me to have such immoral brother?

A well-known hacker, Phantom, whose original face was my dearest elder brother.

The two kids saw me. They immediately run to my front. “Long time no see. How are you?” “Stop using such tone of speaking, can you?” I knock their head with a smooth punch. “Even adult will not talk like this.” They give me with a warm smile as response.

As I have relaxed down myself, they took out their hand suddenly. “Trick or treats!” I was shocked. They looked at me as if they yearned to something. My brother also, looked at me with interest. I felt some warmth came up to my neck and until my cheek. I scratched my ear, pretended to be calm enough to continue my speaking.

“I don’t think take of them really related to the incident happened in the mansion on the hill.” I confused.

“They all happen because today is Halloween.” He convinced.

“You’re liar.” Turn my head, held my cousins little hands, and walked out the room.

My brother tried to shout down my superciliousness. “Why can’t you trust me once?” I turned my head back, and gave him a smile. “Okay, I trust you.”

Children were running on the street, neighbors burst out with laugher, and what I was doing, was to take care this two kids. My neighbor, Mrs. Doga, patted their head and gave them tons of candies and chocolate which filled up their wizard hat. Mrs. Doga also handed me some, so, I let out my hand and received the gift. At that moment, I felt some strange thing pulled my skirt. I looked down, and my brother also looked down to see what happened to me.

It was a girl. A girl who held her hand out to ask for candies with a pure smile standing by my side. I leaded her to the front of Mrs. Doga. Mrs. Doga’s turned white immediately, and shut her door.

My brother and cousins pointed the girl their trembling fingers, and muttered. “She…she is not a human.” I looked at them, and then looked at the girl, finally, I looked back my relatives. “Oh, she is a ghost.” Ted flapped my head. “How can you be such emotionless? That is a ghost, a GHOST!” I kneed down and examined the girl, she gave me a huge bright smile. “But she is cute.” after my conversation with Ted, the little girl gave me bear hug and held me tightly. I smile slightly and looked back to Ted, said. “Right?”

The little girl raised her head, and stared at me. “I think you can help me.”


We were in the front of the huge Iron Gate. Just like what Ted told me, wind blew and crow flew. The little girl’s face shone with happiness, my face was full of troublesome. What we were going to do, were to go deep inside the mansion and got the photographs of the little girl so that she can leave that haunted house.

The cold handle cleared my mind, I have made up my mind, so I needed to finish this mission perfectly. The things that came to my sight first were countless cob webs and dust. I stepped inside the castle, the little child was in my front and my brother was at my back. The two kinds were still outside the door shaking in the freezing air outside.

“Which photo you want me to take actually?” I asked the girl and she point straight in front of us, “that one.”

We all looked at the painting. A huge 1.6m times 1m painting was in front of me. “I want to ask, how can we carry that out here?” the little girl smiled. “I don’t know.”

At this moment, we both can only face the reality.

Few days later, when mum came inside my room.

“What’s that?” she shouted. Ted answered her while he was lying on my bed again. “Just a normal painting of a little girl.” When mum was still trapped in her astonishment, the little girls appeared in front of my mum. I stood up and said to my mum. “Mum, she is going to live with us together for the rest of our life, I think.” and what we left, was a long haul of screech again.

Then, we lived happily ever after, I think.