Biography of Colonel Chivington

Colonel Chivington was a broad and beastly man. He was tall, yet not. He was kind, yet horrible. He loved his people, but hated the indians, those poor indians. COlonel Chivngton felt that the sioux tribe was especially annoying becasue they loved nature. They loved trees. They loved rocks. They loved each other. They mounted trees, rocks, and each other. On a daily basis of course. Women were pregnant non – stop so they had to get large needles from nearby party store to perform their own abortions. They simply jabbed a large needle into they womens womb and killed the many children that lie ahead.

One day Colonel Chivington was taking his normal walk with his sluty mistress, and before they decided to unclothe each other, they saw this horrible ritual of the Sioux. Ever since that day, COlonel Chivington has hated them for their sluttiness and childlessness. he decided to brutally murder all of them. I am sure you are wondering, how can there be a sioux tribe when they kill all their children? Well they are all old and wrinkly indians. Their sex involves paper cliping their wrinkly fat up, and the women have to use extra paper clips for their boobs which at any moment could touch the ground.

Anyway, Colonel chvington snuck up on the tribe on night, carrying a box of paperclips to bang a couple of the old hags. Then, he scalped the poor poor tribe, and snuck off with one of the younger more attractive women. She was the only child, eight years old, and was perfect for his next mistress. They ran off to the hills and had hippie love sex everyday. Then Shouidhfbc (the mistress of eight) found out she was pregnant. becoming the horrible man he was Colonel Chivington threw Shouidhfbc down a hill, climbed down to her and scalped her. He mounted her scalp on his wall at home and when asked by his wife what the F*&^ that was, he said it was a animal who he F(*&^%$ out of pity. He said it was a monkey. His wife was disturbed but just left well enough alone. So this story changes from Colonel CHivington into the spread of hiv/aids.