Bad Breath, Taming the Beast from Within

It is the one of the most horrible situations you could find yourself in, wonderful conversation that is completely destroyed by horrible smelling breath, you’ve been there, engaged in a close proximity conversation suddenly realizing that the individual you are speaking to has horrible smelling gorilla breath. The gaseousness stench of the bad breath destroys any type of concentration that you have, and it takes everything inside of you to try not to vomit on the person or say “Dang, that is some stinky battery acid bad breath….” continuing from that point is barely possible, most of your energy is used trying not to make a facial expression that communicates “I smell your bad breath.”

The decomposing aroma educes almost seizure like responses. Most people do not tell people with bad breath “Hey, do you know your breath stinks?” Either, they think the person must know, or they don’t care enough about the person to give them a heads up about their current demon breath. Bad breath is especially nasty for those on the receiving end, but dealing with it correctly by helping each other out by simply asking gently “Do you realize that your breath is kicking up something furious.” Though, there are barriers in dealing with bad breath they should be dealt with on levels both personally and as a buddy, family member or colleague of a person with the problem.

Personal Responsibility

Bad breath, what is the first step to taking back what the enemy stole? First off, every able body has the duty to take superior care of their teeth and carry out superior oral sanitation that will help stop bad breath. Others should not have to pay the price for some one else’s lack of personnel care. People that are carriers of foul breath should be able to say “Hey, I’m all by myself and I smell bad breath, I wonder if its mine?” Then the action should be, eliminating this bad breath like a ferocious fire breathing dragon. If taming the fire breathing dragon of bad breath is not able to be done and the individual has done everything in their power to try, they should contact the closest fire breathing dragon tamer (bad breath specialist). Well, actually a doctor or dentist will suffice.

Inform Culprits

If you had bad breath wouldn’t you want to know? Most of us would, so that we could correct the decomposing breath stench. So, with that in mind we should tell the person that “Hey, whatever you had for lunch has your breath smelling horrid. Address the situation, break the bad breath, walk away. Sometimes, certain diseases that a person may have can cause bad breath, and medications can also play a big factor in bad breath. Telling someone can identify if they actually know that their breath stinks and help them avoid a reputation of a bad breath presence. Bringing this up is not an easy task and should not be done rudely. Friends don’t let friends talk with bad breath.

Bringing up bad breath can be easy, do it by offering a piece of gum. Make a banner and post at work that says “Tic-Tacks save lives try one today and breathe easy.” Seriously, talk about the offensive nature of bad breath and then offer them a mint, gum, or a gift certificate to a dentist. This should scream to a person maybe I should deal with my bad breath Direct approaches work like a charm for dealing with bad breath, they avoid staying on the uncomfortable conversation very long and forces the person to either continue living with bad breath after it has been addressed or stand up and do something about their bad breath. This is not the most comfortable of situations but bad breath can and should be dealt with, to save multitudes.