A million dollars or knighthood: you choose?

There are journeys and there are destinations. On any journey, million dollars is luggage worth carrying. They are a million opportunities and my choice will be to take the opportunity, which will lead me into a position to help thousands of people. I will use the money in enterprise that will provide work for the talented and the product of their genius will change the world for the better.

Knighthood is a destination; an honor bestowed by an appreciative society at the end of a journey in which the honoree has taken on board the society and led it to a better condition. What I would do with a million dollars will lead me to a knighthood, and an honor is worth much more than a million dollars, however only if earned.

Among the other reasons for my preference, the prime one is; million dollars represent the freedom from doing things at others’ say-so for making a living. I will then not merely look beyond the confining circle of my needs, but reach beyond it and set my own agenda for my life. To err is human. The sum will be a substantial cushion to land upon if I were to fall in pursuit of the agenda of doing constructive work for my fellow beings. In short, the reins of my life are worth the million dollars. I choose the means to define the destination of my life’s journey and the freedom to reset the destination as I go along. Million dollars is the means. Knighthood is merely a destination. One who has million dollars can take or leave the knighthood as one might wish. So, for me, it is million dollars.