“White Fang” by Jack London

I read a book called “White fang” by a man named Jack London. London was trying to explain to the reader the realities of life in the wild for an animal. He focused on getting our attention towards how they adapt to the wild and fend for themselves. This story is about a half wolf/half dog named White Fang. White fang was born out in the wild. He was forced to learn the laws of the wild. He learned how to earn his food and protect himself from harmful animals. White Fang learned his boundaries on what he could do and not do. Though it takes time and effort to learn it has to be done to survive and he accomplished it.

I believe that there was a moral in this book. I may be wrong but this is just my opinion. I believe that Jack London is trying to teach us that we all have to learn the laws of life. Were all are going get hurt or get into some sort of trouble. We just need to remember that there is a solution to any problem.

I thought that this was a great book for me to read because it helps me get a better understanding of where I stand in the world. It reminds me that I know I will fail, that’s a fact of life. But, if I give something an effort I can accomplish it. I could not say anything to negative about this book because it has a moral in it that I think everyone should learn. If reading this book gave me a better look on life it should help you also.

I would recommend this book to anyone. Once you pick it up its one of those books that you don’t ever want to put down. It has exciting parts through the whole book so it keeps you entertained while you’re reading. ?