Immigration Into a New Country – Anthropology Research Paper

Immigration into a new land can be difficult for any person trying to acclimate themselves into our country, or any country. This can be especially difficult for young people who are in need of support from their parents and family. My brother was recently married and his wife, my sister-in-law’s parents recently adopted a baby from Russia.

His name is Joseph and just this past January he celebrated his Fourth anniversary in our country. Joseph came as a very young child and is now about 7 and a half years old. He has dealt with a number of new experiences and challenges in his four years in America. He has had to forget his learning of the Russian language and instead learn English. He has become familiar with the American culture, and has adjusted to the cultural differences in family and child rearing. This has proven difficult, as your formative years are some of the most trying times in life, especially if you are thrust into a new situation that you are totally unfamiliar with.

Will has had to forget about his parents and his birth home and learn to deal with a new Mother and Father, as well as a brother and sister. He has adopted to life in America well and is probably now at the same developmental stage as other American children his age. He has given my family strength to deal with difficulties that we over exaggerate in our lives, for he has dealt with much more severe problems than the ones that we are faced with everyday. I simply cannot wait for him to grow up, as an American boy.