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Media’s Influence on America

In the great nation of the United States of America, we love our entertainment. Some people see this entertainment to keep them interested, and some see this as an opportunity to sell their products or

services. When companies use certain ways of entertainment as a sales person, they use things that will catch the eyes of the people watching or reading for entertainment. In the USA, we are swamped with what we should look like, act and even live. The companies use the television and ads to show us these things. However, when we are shown these things, it is very difficult to be genuine to ourselves and be original for everyone else.

When people are watching their favorite television programs, there will be commercials. These commercials are used by major corporations to sell a product or service. When they do that, they use things that will catch your eyes and want you to use their products or go to them to do something you want them to do. A perfect example of this is the subway commercials. The subway commercials use a skinny man named Jarred to tell them that eating subway made him healthy. We all know that not just eating healthy will make us fit; being active will make us fit. Another example is in clothing ads. In these clothing ads, the companies project the women to be sexual figures. They show off the woman’s breasts and butt. This gives the women a view of how they should look and how they should want to look. This puts in the mind of the women that men will not like them because they don’t look like the women in the ads. This works both ways with the men and the women. The ads show the men that they have to look like the superheroes that we see in the magazines.

When you live in a society where your image is everything, it is easier said than done to maintain an identity that is how you want to be and original to the people around you. The people that can do this and make something of themselves are the people that will be the leaders of America. The people that overcome this challenging act take what society wants them to look and act like and pushes it away. They are the people that do not care what people think of them and what they want them to be. Your personality and your body are yours. The more people want you to look a certain way is the more determination the other people have. The people that triumph over the dilemma that society holds for the people of the USA are the people that build on the wants of everyone else. How do they do this? They ignore what they are supposed to look like and do what they want. The USA needs more people in the world like that. The majority of society is like a woman in a book called “The Bluest Eye”. The woman’s name was Pocola. She wanted to be beautiful like all the white girls in her world. Come to find out in the end that she goes crazy wanting blue eyes and is insane. This is what our society does and has to be fixed.

Being what you want and how you want is completely up to yourself. The more you are how you want to be, the more people will look at how you are. With the media more controlling than ever, the more people have to be what they want.