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Illegal Immigration – Current Issues

When a person takes the time to ask an illegal immigrant why he or she came to America in the first place, the most frequent answer you will get is they need a job to support their vastly large families.

They will say there are no jobs were they came from or even if they can get a job that pays well the government will take most of their earnings leaving them in the same predicament with no way to support their families. They hear about jobs and the opportunities of America and come running hoping to get the privilege of being able to take care of their family. Illegal immigration is a growing problem in the United States the government needs to take necessary action to help stop the over flowing illegal immigrants and decrease the percent of job taken from unemployed American citizens by illegal immigrants.

Many immigrants come to America illegally in hopes to find a better job than one they could get in their native country. They will take any job that could ever be conjured up just as long as they get some money for the work. They do not care how hard the work is, where as a citizen won’t take the job because the work is too grueling. The American citizen will sit at home all day saying he or she wants a job but there is not any out there. Well the truth is the aliens are coming over and taking them because the citizens won’t stand up and do the hard work.

What are these jobs that Americans will not do? Do they exist? Or are they a figment of the business community’s imagination? It turns out that their claims are largely true—there are plenty of jobs Americans avoid. Let’s take a tour of them.

Americans shun pretty much any unskilled labor that requires them to get their hands dirty: landscaping, entry-level construction, picking fruits and vegetables (Reuters reports that “up to 70 percent of U.S. farm workers are estimated to be undocumented, totaling about 500,000 people”), cleaning hotel rooms, busing tables, and prep cooking in urban restaurants. (Dirty Work Daniel Gross)

I don’t feel a bit sorry for these people that do not want to do any work, the ones my heart truly breaks for are the men and women that want to work and how hard the work is never crosses their minds. These people are the ones that the aliens are taking the jobs from them because they are cheaper. Labor experts said there is a bias among many employers who view immigrants as harder workers, willing to accept lower wages and fewer benefits and less likely to unionize or complain. (USBC U.S. Border Control 2007) It is these families who must do without because they are replaced by cheap labor.

Jobs that will only pay from three to four dollars an hour are passed up by American citizens every day because it won’t help them get ahead in any way. A citizen must be paid at-least minimum wage or the employer will get into a lot of trouble with the government. Minimum wage is the lowest hourly, daily or monthly wage that employers may legally pay to employees or workers. Many minimum wage laws have been passed in the United States. (Google Minimum Wage Definition 2007)

If the employer tries to get an American to work for less then minimum wages they might as well be asking the dirt to sweep itself off the floor. But the employer happens to come across an alien that doesn’t know anything about minimum wage laws then they could get them to work and don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Also there are no laws any where that say an illegal immigrant has to be paid minimum wage.

A lot of times when the parents can’t find a job good enough to support the family the children are reduced to begging on the streets for anything they can get.

A father with hungry children and no job prospect at home doesn’t need the bright lights of Disney Land to temp him to come over the border. Most illegal immigrants only want the opportunity to feed their families. And NO FENCE across ANY border will discourage a loving father from climbing over when such conditions exist at home. (CIS Fathers Love 2007)

They hear about the land of great opportunities, plenty of jobs, new beginnings, and pay that is more an hour then what some could make in a whole days work. So in hopes of getting their babies off of the streets they will come running for fresh new starts with good fortune on the horizon. They also know that if the government has no knowledge about their existence in the United States then they won’t have to pay taxes which to them says more money to keep and support their families. The immigrants that come over from Mexico are fleeing from the mob that controls all the towns, which takes almost all the money the people make.

In addition, said Mena Ortega, “There were several attempts made by my secretary to ask the Federal Police and the General Prosecutor’s office of Mexico City to get in contact with me.” In her statement, a copy of which was obtained by EL UNIVERSAL, Mena Ortega said she herself had to flee the scene of the lynching due to the aggressive posture of the mob.

“The people were saying ‘grab her!’ when someone pushed me into my car,” she said in the statement. “My chauffeur started the car and we got out of there.”

Police arrived almost three hours after the attack began, too late to save two of the three officers. Mena Ortega has been criticized for her lack of action after arriving on the scene earlier in the evening. (Francisco Gomez/El Universal El Universal 2007)

If a man wants to open a store in a border town; with all the people that come though everyday it seems that they would be able to make a good living and have a nice life for a person in Mexico. But that assumption would be very wrong because the taxes that must be paid to the government are so high and what ever they have to pay to the mob to keep the store open leaves the owner with about nothing to bring home.

I can’t even begin to count the number of immigration laws there are in Texas alone much less in all fifty states. It would seem that with all the laws passed and all the penalties that can be placed on illegal immigrants they would stay away, but they don’t.

By way of introduction, immigration law violators are not immigrants . They are aliens who are in the United States in violation of law. There is a profound difference between individuals who legally apply for admission and fulfill all the requirements for admission, and those who decide to enter the United States, or intentionally overstay their visa in violation of law. Labeling such violators as intending immigrants only confuses the issue and juxtaposing these two categories is specious logic. A few of the important differences include criminal and health backgrounds of intending entrants. (The Illegal Alien Problem: Enforcing the immigration Laws George Weissinger, Ph. D. 2007)

Illegal immigrants keep coming over the border by the truck loads, but why don’t they know about the harsh punishments that could be infected upon them? Of course they don’t because all the laws are never enforced. All they are doing is sitting somewhere collecting dust.

The standard response to illegal immigration has been increased boarder enforcement. And, in fact, such tightening of the boarder was long overdue. But there has been almost no attention paid to enforcement at worksites within the United States. Nor has there been any recognition that the networks created by high levels of legal immigration contribute to mass illegal immigration.
(Illegal Immigration 2007)

Every now and then an alien will get deported back to their native country and in about two to six months they will be back and working again like nothing ever happened. People of America don’t want illegal immigrants to keep coming to their towns and taking jobs from other Americans, but they keep giving the jobs to them. Knowing it’s illegal knowing this person is taking the job from a citizen the person that hired them doesn’t want them in America. But yet when it comes down to it they don’t care just so long as it saves them a little bit of money.

So if you ask me American citizens are the problem with the overflowing number of illegal immigrants coming to America. The people that don’t want to work are opening the door for the immigrants to start coming over the boarders, they hear of work and it draws them in. The people who want to work but can’t because it won’t support their family opens the door a little bit more. And the people that want to offer them jobs over a citizen and pay them enough to support their family just blows the doors right off the hinges and hangs and sign over it saying need all your money problems solved come to America we will take care of you and you family

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