Why young Poles should consider working abroad?

Nowadays, more and more young Poles have a difficult situation with finding a job or getting into a university. There are many youngsters who cannot start education at a public school and cannot afford

a private one. Thus, they are forced to earn a living either in Poland or abroad. As we know from our and other people’s experience, living conditions in our country are really harsh, and that is why young Poles should consider working abroad.

First of all, life is said to be better abroad. Borders in Europe are open and Poles are welcome, and what is more inviting, needed on the European market. When you at last get a job, in England for example, your salary will be incomparably higher than it would be in Poland. As soon as you do not have to economize, you can afford everything you want. You can spend money on anything you desire without worrying that you will not make both ends meet.

Secondly, people abroad seem to be more friendly and open. In Poland people hardly ever smile to each other or simply say ‘hi’ on the street. Everybody looks at others in an unfriendly way. When somebody pushes you by accident he or she will not say ‘sorry’ because of having a bad day. Abroad it is different. Once, I was visiting Toronto and while walking down the street I pushed some elderly lady by accident and immediately told her I was sorry.

When she asked if I was all right it seemed to me weird because it was my fault, wasn’t it? But for me this situation is the best example of foreigners’ courtesy. The next thing worth mentioning is the fact that people abroad have different views on life. They do not complain about things that do not go well in their life, they just agree with everything that surrounds them even if it is not very pleasant. In Poland people may complain even for the sake of complaining. Moreover, people abroad are always supportive and helpful. If you are confused and lost in a foreign country, they will help you with a smile on their faces.

Finally, working abroad gives better perspectives for one’s future career. You may gain some extraordinary experience, because not everybody can list the name of a foreign company in his or her curriculum vitae. It would be appreciated both at home and abroad. It would be also a thing you could be proud of while talking shop with your old classmate. The next inviting thing is that some money can be saved. You can spend it on gifts for your relatives or simply buy yourself the car or flat you dreamt of. And the last thing, more valuable than earnings is that a foreign language can be practiced. There is no greater opportunity to try one’s hand at speaking a foreign language than speaking with natives.

All in all, there many good things that wait for young Poles abroad. These people would not have to worry about their future and career if only they considered working abroad. Nothing seems to be better than life without needless stress in a friendly surrounding.