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Global Warming – Where do you stand?

Global warming is becoming a bigger issue every day. There are, however, many ways to look at this situation. One way you could look at it is that, “human activity is accelerating climate change,” according to many scientists. Another way to look at it, as some scientists say, is that “while global warming is occurring, it’s happening at such a slow rate that there isn’t any serious cause for alarm.” How do you see it?

In my opinion, I think that global warming is a much bigger issue than what the average citizen makes it out to be. I believe that human activity does increase climate change. Some scientists say that

carbon dioxide is the primary cause of climate change. I think the things that people use in everyday life affect Global Warming tremendously. The cars we drive, the amount of gas we use within heating our house with diesel fuel oil; everything used in our daily lives impacts the earth’s atmosphere making it harder for sunlight to reflect back out past the atmosphere. So do I think we as human beings are primarily responsible? Yes, I do.

There may be other views on this specific topic. Most people would probably ignore it because it doesn’t really affect them…yet. Everyone seems to worry most about the present day. They don’t think ahead into the future and see how they are actually hurting themselves in the long-run. Are you one of those people? Where do you see your future going?