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Friendship Poem – poetry

Friendship Poem – poetry
I think i found a friend,
who will be there till the end.
Who seemd to turn my life around,
who picks me up when i am down.

I never thought such a friend existed,
where your feelings arnt restricted.
Where you can say how much you care
and that you will always be there.

When no matter what happens you always know,
your friendship will always grow.
How nothing can tear you two apart
and every word comes from the heart.

I thought a friend like this came only in your dreams
but thats not the way it seems.
Its hard to believe but believe it or not,
this is something i’ve actually got.

Someone who never gave up on you
and enourages whatever you do.
Where their faith in you is always strong,
even if its right or wrong.

People spend their lives taking every risk,
to find a friendship as strong as this.
I cant believe in such a short time,
i have already found mine.

If you cry i cry thats the way it goes,
how close we are nobody knows.
We’ll still be close when we’re old and grey,
still talk to eachother everyday.

I cant imagine life with out you for a while
coz id miss everything about you even your smile.
I feel so alone when you are not here,
coz to me your someone very dear.

This is something no one could replace,
not even that smile upon my face.
You mean so much i just cant explain,
how you’ve taken away so much pain.

You made my world the best it could be,
just by saying you love me.
I know you feel the same as i do you,
only because our friendship is something very true.