Just a Look – Poetry (100 Level Course)

Just a Look – Poetry (100 Level Course)

Just a look, then a smile.
Perhaps a nod, maybe a hello.
The usual intro, words spoken.
This is different.

Interested as I speak.
My attention she seeks.
Eye contact off and on.
Not just a look.
this is different.

Who, where, what, why.
Sincere questions, I get a reply.
Smart, fun, nice, lovely.
So much more than a look.
This is different.

Once again introduced.
To someone else’s dream.
It will not work.
Friends pay attention.
Friends give looks.

Why would this be different.
Confusing nothing for interest.
It would never work.
She is not my friend.
Friends don’t give that look.

Written for a poetry assignment for a college class. I got a B on this poem.